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Monday, July 31, 2006

Fifty one??? So soon....

Yep. this is my 51st post. I've noticed a pattern developing recently. I have become lazy...only writing to prompts. These are GREAT PROMPTS...mind you....
(like Poetry Thursday, and
Sunday Scribblings.) I write these off the cuff, like I would any post...but just let them choose the topic. I mostly enjoy the community, where I get to read others takes on the prompt as well. I have, perhaps been reading more than writing lately. I am amazed at how honest people are, and how talented.

Still, letting others steer my choice of topic, has kept me safe, revealing only answers to questions...and only shades of answers, to boot.. So, I am making a pack with myself, to get back to it daily. No kick in the ass from "Cyber deadlines" (ewww..i'm scared). More of me thrown in...of course along with participation in the above sites. I have grown very fond of some of the folks that inhabit PT and SS.

So, I want you to meet me: Wendy and Hubbie Michael. Not good with adding photos..so lets just start with this one....and see if I have not destoyed my site.

Update#1: for some odd reason..blogger briefly put FIVE of our pictures up..in a row!!! HORRIFYING!!! much more of me than I had intended...scared myself..I actually screamed! lets see if this is better....
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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sunday Scribblings

This weeks topic...My 2 Cents....here goes


I've always found this fact strange. Some things are easy for some people...and very hard for others.and visa versa. I tend to hang around mostly with women who are very good at things, so good they appear easy, non chalant, effortless. Most of my true friends are very good at riding horses. It sounds odd, putting it that way. But there it is. They elevate equitation(the riding of one's horse) to an art form. They have good work ethic, but honestly, their talent trumps their sweat at this point.
Even if it is hard..they make it look like cake.

I am more the worker bee,and maybe, wanna be equestrianne. That is to say, I DONT make it look easy....I work at it and break a sweat. I've grown comfortable with my place in my barn wold. I am regarded as a good horse woman, not a greatly talented one.

Which is why when the tables turn,(as they sometimes do) it feels down right ODD.

A young friend of mine, is getting married next summer. "Leigh" is an amazing rider. Bold,brave, balanced and beautiful...She is all of 22 and maybe 100 lbs. I've seen her take jumps on her horse, that would make a grown man cry. She is the picture of confidence and poise. I've never seen her sweat. Until now.

She needs help planning some details of her wedding. Leigh and I have been barn friends for a couple of years..and never once has she asked for advice, because frankly, she knows more than I do, even though I'm almost twice her age. I ask HER for advice..so I was a little taken aback when she asked if I would help her with some "fashion decisions". In an odd way, I was flattered too.

So today, off we went to the bridal store...Friend Leigh, Friend Cora and her daughter and soon to be flower girl, Sarah, in tow. Walking through those glass front doors, the world seemed to turn on its head. Cora and Leigh are two of the most GO GET EM girl types I know. But faced with row afer row of gowns and veils and shoes(oh my), I saw fear in their eyes!!! and Sarah...well Sarah just stayed close to her mom..as if she would get lost or eaten by the racks of silk and chiffon.

I found my self guiding the party through the maze of possibilies...Sarah being a champ, trying on anything I offered to her. She had to try dresses way too small..or way to big..held in place with clamps. She would emerge from the curtained room, mom Cora and Leigh behind her.

"Well..." I would say each time..."spin, so I can take a look." She would, holding her arm out from her sides like a porcelian doll.

"What do ya think" I would say..to the three standing frozen before me.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK?" was always the response.

I took a breath, went ahead and took the lead this time...a little slowly at first...more boldly as the day went on. I was balanced and fearless as I helped whittle it down to 2 dresses. I asked Sarah(flower girl) what she thought. She said she couldn't decide. She asked me for my favorite. I told her. A smile came across her amazing face.

"That was my favorite too!" she said..relief showing in her eyes
"Mine too" Cora echoed...
"Mine three" the bride sighed..and all was done but the ordering.

On the way home...Leigh said thank you...numerous times. It felt really good to say
"You're welcome...it was a piece of cake!!!!.....Hey, speaking of cake, have you thought about....???"

This was my 2 cents... to see some more go to SUNDAY SCRIBBLING!
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Poetry Thursday-Manga

My youngest,Maggie, returned from visiting my mom in California last night. My eldest, Rachel, is still there, set to return on Sunday.

My mom and I aren't close...which is an entirely different story. But, she loves, adores, CONSUMES my kids, like the last crumbs of sustenance on earth. My mom is a foodie, as is my sister. Both great cooks...

Maggie buzzes around my house this morning like a cricket hopped up on corn syrup. On the way home from the airport,last night, she asked if there was any food in the house, or if we needed to stop at the grocery store. I looked at Michael, who was driving, in horror. Did we need to call an deprogrammer, so soon, to wash the FOOD CULT off of her?

My mom always has a fringe STUFFED, (and I do mean STUFFED) with food. The one time she has made it out to Colorado, she was dismayed at the state of MY fridge, and pantry. Both had shelves with space on them...empty...STILL!! She snuck off to buy duplicates of thing I already had, in her brand, or picked by her fingers. Quickly doubling my provisions,.. I was now prepared to feed my block of neighbors, if need be.

By the end of Moms visit, she was ready to go home, having searched all the markets in the area for supplies. She was spent. But as with any addiction, the dark side of her obsession, had made an appearance. Mom lamented the waste, and the guilt, all should feel, on wasting SO MUCH FOOD. There are starving people, all over the world. "I worked hard on this...don't let it go to waste.." was the athem of the week. When she left, my family was bloated, bulging at the seams, looking for a place to lay down and digest. Uncomfortably full of the shame and obligation,(fed on fine crackers, and iced cakes)...all we wanted was a fast.

Driving home, I feared my mom had piped Maggie full, with the permanent longing for more food..Better food!!! But at last... my mags, gave her true self away. Once home, my hubbie, ran back out to the store for some benadryl for me...(AAAACHOOO). He asked Mags if she needed anything... and..she looked around, greatful to be home, in her kitchen of only 3 oranges and 2 banannas..(instead of 10!)..Maggie looked up at us,saying... "nope, don't need anything,,...well maybe some FRUITY PEBBLEs for breakfast...I missed you guys!".

So, we are back to this morning, Maggie watching cartoons, with a bowl of cereal...and me cooking up Poetry Thurday's selection... FOOD


have a
who is
a picky eater,


raise a
who can
at the
rib bones

must be
a sin.

to have
a child,
who can
push away
too much


a shame
a dirty secret
a stain
that returns,
no matter
the bleach

lesson learned

wipes her
on her apron,
and waits


except for

to sneak
out back
for a

wlf 9:53am

Get your second helping here at POETRY THURSDAY! Enjoy!!


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Still turned around..

I am amazed that I'm still jet lagged after almost a week! My brain is still on vacation....This is just an entry to try to get back into a groove...bear with me...

Unconscience Mutterings

  1. Requirements ::
  2. rigid,
  3. Pizza ::
  4. party, man, pepperoni
  5. Dating ::
  6. game,carbon
  7. Issue ::
  8. anger,little
  9. Sharp ::
  10. mind, as a tack, you gotta look sharp
  11. Distinguish ::
  12. sexy men, sort out,
  13. Remote ::
  14. tv clicker
  15. Felony ::
  16. big time, danger
  17. Exercise ::
  18. riding,pointless,life
  19. Choose ::
  20. choosen,accept,

To see other responses, ones who are probably awake...go tho Unconscious Mutterings
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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sunday Scribblings

When one of my daughters "borrows" something from the other,a cami or a CD, the offended party always seems to track me down to declare.."SHE TOOK IT...AND SHE DIDN'T EVEN ASK!!!" Truth be told...it's hard to ask sometimes, for what you most dearly want. It's easier to pilfer or borrow...with intent to return. If you ask...the answer could be no...and the more you want this THING...the more likely the answer WILL BE no, is you are female siblings..ages 13 and 16.

The kids I teach in special ed, have all at one time or another...sought to deceive or purloin. One particular little girl, has especially sticky fingers. She is very nimble with her attempts, usually at candy, but sometimes game pcs or play money. Her primary teacher told me once that she systematically emptied a whole package of cough drops from said teachers desk...in one day.

Alas, she is doomed to always be caught. Her little brown eyes always give her away. I just hold out my hand, and she deposits into it what ever ill gotten gain she's taken. This never strikes me as dishonest. She is in first grade, and I see no malicious thought, though other teachers may not agree with me. I see it as an attempt to control her circumstances. I also think she's checking to see who's really paying attention. I think she likes to affect her life, plain and simple. I'm not suggesting it's a great thing, just explainable.

So much of her young life has been thrust upon her. It's hard to play fair..and by ALL the rules. There is no one from which to ask to borrow a "normal Life ". There is no way to earn back what she has never had. So she grabs for trinkets, waits for the inevitable discovery, and perhaps,the validation that she is someone to keep "an eye on". A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

Catch more THIEVES at Sunday Scribblings this week....
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Poetry Thursday- still yar

The first day back from two and a half weeks in Australia...and the gals at Poetry Thursday want to start with sex!! Yikes! You girls sound like my husband...everything is better with a lil sex first...root canal...ok..but a quickie first please.....My brain is still rocking, as in swaying, from too many days on a sail boat....so in my stuper I will try to join in the fun...I can not promise I will be successful in the least. Excuse me while I get another cup of coffee...and hopefully in the walk back from the kitchen...I will become talented....

OK...hot mug in hand and....still dim witted...ok, maybe i'll start mining the memories..and find something....

Still Yar

you had
me every
would let

to shudder
with eyes
open as
as closed

drop anchor
i could
not control
your tide
than you
my course

when it
was over

at last

i was
in irons,
crossing winds

if someone
man me

if i
a broken
an empty

see worthy,
a maiden

wlf 11:50 am

be sure to check out Poerty Thursday for more SEX..now there's something I didn't expect to ever write!!!


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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Scribblings

Peas in a Pod

My children do not look like one another. They are just like my sister and I, one light, one dark. When I was little, people would ask me to point out my sister, in a classroom, or at a party. They would literally turn to me and say..."Are you SURE?" I think it was then I started to develop my dislike of comparisons.

My two daughters aren't thick like thieves. If they had a pod, you'd find them in the extreme opposite tips...with trips every once and awhile to mid pod to share a chick flick and some popcorn.

If any two peas exist in this house, the are usually of the canine-human duality. Rach, the eldest, is Zeus pea bud. Zeus is a rescue dog, sweet and dumb, and highly loyal. Rachel is so wicked smart, that she is at times, dense, to the whole picture.She has a empathy towards "the ALL" of humanity..and would fight for the cause of justice and peace and vegetarianism..to the death. Zeus has just a bit of pit bull in him too.

Mags (the youngest ..now 13..ughh) has found her pea mate in Lola, the Golden. Lola's not a puppy any more,but she's not a year yet,either. They both are wirey and agile now. They both have great energy, and teeeny weeeny attention spans. Work is fun...as long AS IT IS FUN. Both like to create things, REMODEL if you will, say the flower beds, or the kitchen. Cleaning up?? Lets repeat again...WORK HAS TO BE FUN!! Both talk a lot...and have trained me to respond to them.

As for my husband, he has found an unusual mate in MY DOG Zoey..the Jack russell. They are inseparable..though as a puppy..He hated her...would not even touch her and called her a..a..RAT! Now she is always in his lap, on his chest, or under his arm, like a permanent hairy appendage. Should we start to cuddle together in bed...(human to human) she will shimmy up from the toes end of the covers, to end up right between us... but its not me she wants...It's to keep ME and MY NON-HAIRY PINK PAWS off her man. Most Sundays I wake to find hubbie in the arm chair in the corner, behind a newspaper..with Zoey's eyes and nose peeking out from underneath. I Always have to go to them for a kiss. "G'morning.." I get from him...and BLINK BLINK BLINK...I get from her..translation..."pet ME..not him...That's enough..now back away SLOWLY...and bring me a treat!"

There are two others in the pod we call home....Mia, our St Bernard..and Me. I would not say that we are peas in a pod. But we do have things in common. She is very protective of our family. YET,she is always..and I do mean always, looking for a way to escape our yard.. She has a taste for freedom....and a nose for trouble. She is also very goofy, as if at 5 she still has no idea how to connect her body parts. I have seen her scale a 5 foot fence like Spidey Man, and in the same day, go ass over tea kettle at a fun run across our lawn. She always looks surprised.

I have all these traits as well. This, however is the clincher. Mia inherited this Alpha Dog gig, after Emmy, our Golden of 13 years died. I think she took the throne just a tidge before she was ready...Like a toddler Buddah, she was still too young. She wings it sometimes...and it's made her and her subjects...well a little, nuerotic. Most days everything is fine..but some days all hell breaks loose... that's when I see her eyeing those fences...and the open space beyond.

I go sit with her then, on the top step of our deck...as she surverys her kingdom. I feel her warm breath and worries on my face. I see her fears in her eyes. We are the same size, when we sit side by side. I slide my arm around her strong shoulder, lean in and tell her.."Don't worry, big girl....It's gonna be OK...There's no need to bolt. You're doing the best you can."

This was written for Sunday Scribblings. Go check it out!!
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