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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday Scribblings

Peas in a Pod

My children do not look like one another. They are just like my sister and I, one light, one dark. When I was little, people would ask me to point out my sister, in a classroom, or at a party. They would literally turn to me and say..."Are you SURE?" I think it was then I started to develop my dislike of comparisons.

My two daughters aren't thick like thieves. If they had a pod, you'd find them in the extreme opposite tips...with trips every once and awhile to mid pod to share a chick flick and some popcorn.

If any two peas exist in this house, the are usually of the canine-human duality. Rach, the eldest, is Zeus pea bud. Zeus is a rescue dog, sweet and dumb, and highly loyal. Rachel is so wicked smart, that she is at times, dense, to the whole picture.She has a empathy towards "the ALL" of humanity..and would fight for the cause of justice and peace and vegetarianism..to the death. Zeus has just a bit of pit bull in him too.

Mags (the youngest ..now 13..ughh) has found her pea mate in Lola, the Golden. Lola's not a puppy any more,but she's not a year yet,either. They both are wirey and agile now. They both have great energy, and teeeny weeeny attention spans. Work is fun...as long AS IT IS FUN. Both like to create things, REMODEL if you will, say the flower beds, or the kitchen. Cleaning up?? Lets repeat again...WORK HAS TO BE FUN!! Both talk a lot...and have trained me to respond to them.

As for my husband, he has found an unusual mate in MY DOG Zoey..the Jack russell. They are inseparable..though as a puppy..He hated her...would not even touch her and called her a..a..RAT! Now she is always in his lap, on his chest, or under his arm, like a permanent hairy appendage. Should we start to cuddle together in bed...(human to human) she will shimmy up from the toes end of the covers, to end up right between us... but its not me she wants...It's to keep ME and MY NON-HAIRY PINK PAWS off her man. Most Sundays I wake to find hubbie in the arm chair in the corner, behind a newspaper..with Zoey's eyes and nose peeking out from underneath. I Always have to go to them for a kiss. "G'morning.." I get from him...and BLINK BLINK BLINK...I get from her..translation..."pet ME..not him...That's enough..now back away SLOWLY...and bring me a treat!"

There are two others in the pod we call home....Mia, our St Bernard..and Me. I would not say that we are peas in a pod. But we do have things in common. She is very protective of our family. YET,she is always..and I do mean always, looking for a way to escape our yard.. She has a taste for freedom....and a nose for trouble. She is also very goofy, as if at 5 she still has no idea how to connect her body parts. I have seen her scale a 5 foot fence like Spidey Man, and in the same day, go ass over tea kettle at a fun run across our lawn. She always looks surprised.

I have all these traits as well. This, however is the clincher. Mia inherited this Alpha Dog gig, after Emmy, our Golden of 13 years died. I think she took the throne just a tidge before she was ready...Like a toddler Buddah, she was still too young. She wings it sometimes...and it's made her and her subjects...well a little, nuerotic. Most days everything is fine..but some days all hell breaks loose... that's when I see her eyeing those fences...and the open space beyond.

I go sit with her then, on the top step of our deck...as she surverys her kingdom. I feel her warm breath and worries on my face. I see her fears in her eyes. We are the same size, when we sit side by side. I slide my arm around her strong shoulder, lean in and tell her.."Don't worry, big girl....It's gonna be OK...There's no need to bolt. You're doing the best you can."

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wow- what a house full!
seems like we can find our 'peas' in the unlikeliest of places :-)

7/2/06, 1:09 PM  

I liked that you worked both sides of the prompt...mentioning those who could be called "peas in a pod" but also talking about your daughters and how they are NOT.

I got a good sense of your warm family life from this post. Thanks for the glimpse. :)

7/2/06, 8:54 PM  

I like this slice of doggie life. My cat, Bailey, has taken to stepping over me to get to R, her newest love. It's funny how these creatures complete home.

7/2/06, 8:59 PM  

I loved reading this post. Your family is so large (human and part-human!) and that's exactly how I want my family to be one day..

They all sound amazing - and it's funny how each partnership works.

Your post about your Zoey reminds me of my father. My mother and I brought home a tiny short haired chihuahua (think Taco Bell dog) and were in love - dad hated him, hated hated hated! And now, guess who has the connection?

Rat-dog and Dad. Typical! ;)


7/2/06, 10:37 PM  

That's great - 'meeting mid-pod' - nice! Loved the descriptions of your dogs too. My brother calls his foxy Rat! It's the dog's official name - and they are inseperable. Rat will not even look at anyone else!

7/3/06, 6:08 AM  

This is fabulous! I especially love the paragraph about Zoey and your hubby! I have a Jack Russell Terrier too, she's 16 months old and she's the way Zoey is, but instead of to my husband, it's towards ME. She's an (and we say this affectionately) an affection whore. HA! She's a little beast and my husband feels towards her, the same as your husband felt towards Zoey during her puppyhood. I do see him lightening up a little towards her when I'm not looking and sneaking her a treat now and then.
I hope that Mia can cope with her wanderlust and learn that home, really is where she belongs. Thanks for such a great story today. It totally gave me a ray of sunshine on this dreary, rainy Monday!!

7/3/06, 6:09 AM  

I really enjoyed the peas in the pod of the canine-human duality! Well done!

7/3/06, 7:33 AM  

Oh, I love this post! You have such a way with words--from Zoey "shimmying" between you and your man to Mia, the emperor who "wings" it every now and then! And my favorite line is your last one: "Don't worry, big girl....It's gonna be OK...There's no need to bolt. You're doing the best you can." We all need that kind of assurance every now and then!

Your family sounds warm and wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with us!

7/3/06, 8:01 AM  

Love this post! Hearing about all of these pet personalities and the way Zoey has nuzzled her way into your husband's heart. Lovely!
There's nothing like the unconditional love of a pet in one's life. You are truly blessed.

7/4/06, 6:08 AM  

Nice post. Last night, when all the fireworks were poppin', my little blond dog (one of two we adopted last Christmas) got so frightened he had a couple of accidents on the floor (he refused absolutely to go outside! Thunder gets to him, too) So, I, like you, just held him in my lap and said, don't worry, little guy. It's gonna be OK....there's no need to bolt. You're doing the best you can.

7/5/06, 11:19 AM  

I loved reading about your dogs and your family-

great writing and great connections...

7/8/06, 10:39 AM  

Funny, my brother don't look like my sister or myself, people look at us funny when i point to him and say he's my little brother because he is much darker than the rest of us in the family. People could be so ignorant sometimes. Great post, I will definitely come back and visit.

7/21/06, 8:23 AM  

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