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Friday, June 16, 2006

Back on the Bus

Since I have yet to learn to make those tidy little techno links (as demonstrated in this weeks Poetry Thursday offering), I decided I'd show my linking skills, the only way I know how...and NO, not the Christmas time, construction paper,primary color,around your child's Christmas tree links, no,...LET's MAKE A LITERAL CONTENT LINK INSTEAD...ok, enough sarcasm, on with the show, Watch me now......My muse offered me two random images this week...and I can link them!

I went to bed, and woke up again, to find Bill Gates on the front pic of my homepage. He's the first part of the link....and that ON THE BUS entry is the second.

But as with anything, a little background is needed...

My husband has 4 sister's. All older. Michael is the baby, and I, the token sister in law...lots of interesting stuff here...Anyway, All my sister in laws are married to various techno types, Be in hardware or BioTech...or....SOFTWARE...now we're getting closer!

One of my Brother in laws, works for Microsoft....and is High up on the food chain. Lets put it this way..."Microsoft Been Berry Berry Good to" him..and me. This branch of the family tree has produced much fruit...fruit,fruit everywhere....as far as the eye can see...but back to the me part....Family D'2 (that's their new CODE NAME)is very generous with all of us. The whole lot of us, yes, all the branches, have traveled together, to many an exotic place. I've had the pleasure of renting a castle in Scotland, and swimming with Manta Rays in Grand Cayman...because of them. They are really cool people...and money has little to do with it.

My brother in law, Papa D'2, reminds me a lot of my husband, in work ethic, alone. I have spent almost 2 decades watching him age gracefully into his paradise. When he was younger, I hardly ever knew he was on family vacations with us..(this was pre Micro soft). He was tethered to his laptop..always on a conference call...Holed up in a back bedroom somewhere. He had little to say that interested me, all business, all the time.(This is the resemblance to my hubby, though Hubby holds my interest, for other reasons)

But through the years, this has changed. Not that we are bosom buds...but He and D are Godparents to our second child..(again, this was done Pre Microsoft...I'm not that kind of mom...) He and I have actually had a few conversations...about DIFFERENT topics...This is the link part..

About a year ago..give or take...Papa D'2 and I had a conversation on the patio of his house..and I use this as a VERY UNDERSTATED TERM, in Washington State. This is the HOUSE that Microsoft built...anyway, that's where we were, when I happened to mention that I saw Bill,(yes, Pap D's on a first name basis with Bill) on TV. I know, he's on TV a bit...but I don't ever watch him... but this time he was on PBS...Talking only about world health issues. So I mentioned it..and Papa D'2 looked at me in this amused way, as if to say, "Yes,Wendy, and this is AIR we are breathing...". He let me finish, instead. I went on to say, that I had been really impressed by Bill, by how smart he was, how he really knew his stuff.

At this point, I think I could have knocked Papa D'2 over with a feather. THIS WAS BILL GATES, I was talking about...and I had just NOW been impressed????? But truth is, that yes, just THEN, hearing him talk about health and poverty, I had been impressed, FINALLY. My last comment to PappaD'2 ..was... that Bill seemed to be ON THE BUS! Pappa D'2 didn't bother to ask what I meant, he just turned a grinning eye toward the sunset over the great pacific northwest,his northwest,his HOME that Microsoft built...and wondered I'm sure, what PLANET I'm from.....

I turned also, to look at that very same sunset... and thought..."It's like I always knew...you're either ON THE BUS..or your not". We sat in silence...both grinning about different things...See, Pappa D'2 was, at that very moment, finally, ON THE BUS,...and he didn't even know it!!

PS: if you don't know what ON THE BUS means..scroll down to find the entry by that same name...I don't know how to link...but I've told you that already!
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Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog and for broadening my vocabulary. ;)

6/16/06, 4:51 PM  

Ok how does someone who knows Bill not know how to link LOL!

If you ever want to learn how to link I'll teach you... I promise it's easy :)

I just wanted to say in response to a comment you left on my blog about Long Beach - yes, Long Beach WA (one of my fav places)

6/17/06, 11:24 AM  

hi jennifer,

just to clarify, I din't know bill, my brother in law does....no I'm just a PEON, related to a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON.....that explains the ditziness...huh...

6/17/06, 5:31 PM  

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