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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Quickie

A quick thought...as I'm supposed to be at work in a half an hour...and here I sit, overslept, in nightie, with coffee and the muse instead. Ah, he's an unfair mistress!! Rachel, as I mentioned, is a rockin writer and poet, at 16. Yet she is totally unaware that I write anything of meaning...cept, checks and notes to excuse her from PE. When both my girls found out I had a blog...they laughed hysterically. After all, WHAT would I talk about.

Instead of being put out by this, I decided to take it as a backhanded compliment.(like a slap and a kiss) I think I've done my job well so far, as they see me as their little momma sita!! Thats what I needed to be for this first part of their lives.

(Just wait till they get to chapter 12 part two, and find a drastic plot twist.)

But back to the quick thought. I'm glad Rach never knew I'm a poet too..or have thoughts OTHER THAN...in my head...I'm glad she found this talent trailblazing on her own...not following my path, trying to keep up......or probably more true to form, trying to find me when I get lost in the weeds!
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