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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Poetry Thursday

Happy Poetry Thursday, to one and all

Beautiful, In Disguise

How would I talk to you,
if I was other than
who I am?

Not so odd or not so
strange, how would it
all begin?

How would things flow,
if I was beautiful,
instead of rather plain?

Would you glance between
my legs, no thought
tied to my train?

How would I form sly
words that spoke to you, if
I stood beyond your reach?

Would my eyes unravel you,
unbalance you, like waves
knocked on some beach?

How would it be if
I was beautiful, never
once down my knees?

If could take your breath
and hold it there, as mine
-for me to tease.

How would it feel if
I could catch you once
(and only by surprise)?

I'd whisper softly, as I
kissed your ear,"Make me
beautiful,in disguise"

wlf 7:48 am


posted by wendy at 9:42 AM


So beautiful!

I love the soft rhymes, short lines, and rhythm. The poem glides yet it doesn't feel like it has a form (but it does!).

"thoughts tied to a train" -- very nice.

6/15/06, 9:16 AM  

A very good poem! Well written!

6/15/06, 10:32 AM  

hmmm...this one made me literally say "hmmmm" out loud.

take your breath
and hold it there as mine.

i love this image.

(happy thursday)

6/15/06, 12:57 PM  

I love how you have expressed the wish without the desperation that might have fought to be included. This was a gentle read. Thank you.

6/15/06, 1:55 PM  

Such a raw question to be asking--yet it is one put out there again and again all around us. I felt the energy and emotion here--and appreciated it very much.

6/15/06, 3:14 PM  

beauty in disquise, this poem ROCKS! I LOVE it!

6/15/06, 3:31 PM  

"how would
talk go,
if i was

of rather plain"

This is great! I really like this. I've been struggling to write a poem with a similar theme. Yours is so natural, so easy -- almost breezy. Light and beautiful but made me gasp at the honesty of the last line.

6/15/06, 6:17 PM  

This is so gentle and sweet, sad and beautiful.

6/15/06, 6:59 PM  

This poem truly touched me. No $5 words to show off your education -- simple phrases arranged just so to bring a tear to the reader's eye. Thank you for sharing it.

6/15/06, 7:26 PM  

I gasp with these words of longing. Gorgeous writing.

6/15/06, 11:11 PM  

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