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Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Moment of Truth...Or Married Part Two

So I'm back.....please pardon the interruption. In re-reading my earlier post, I found that I could be a tad more honest.I did get up to give my husband a treat, and he is quite pleased with me at the moment. But the truth is that, really, at the moment of ignition...fight or no fight, It could have gone either way. I don't want it to seem like all our moments of confrontation, end in marital bliss. AU CONTRAIR, mon frair! We fight as often as we laugh. Some are light little Banter fights, some end with me thowing something at him....remember that crazy gene???

Sometimes I think of paths not taken, of books not written, and days wasted on not liking him very much. I'm sure he has those days too. But even on days that he doesn't make me happy, he somehow still lets me be happy on my own. Thats why he walked away...(and I followed him..) this morning. He saw me pecking away at this computer, writing to the thin air... and he knew I was happy as a clam. So he let me be... and when he gives me room to let my imangination run wild, I become oh so clever at helping him...be happy..just like me.
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Oh my. hehe This sounds so familiar. I think I may have to curtail some of the blogging though, R. is just starting to get a little bent out of shape with all the typing and so little actually getting done.

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