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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Poetry Thursday


In line at

In front of me
two women
at least twice
my age (An
large number)

These are
lucky lindy
made of Howard
Hughes cherry red
lips, poised
on the high heeled,
swing skirted
fish netted
pin up gams
of the past

now greyed and well,
lived into an era that
could only have
been sci fi
when they were young.

"Hit me with
a double
no fat...
ahh what the heck,
all the fat
irish cream
with extra
whipped cream!"

gone are the fears
of loose lips
and sunken ships

gone the sugar ration

happy days
are here again..
bring on the

and make mine
a Venti!!!!

wlf 3:40 this afternoon


posted by wendy at 3:45 PM


I love that line..bring on a mocha and make it a venti!

6/9/06, 6:05 AM  

This is fantabulous! I love the line "gone are the fears of loose lips and sunken ships"!

6/9/06, 7:01 AM  

I'm sorry, I thought I posted a comment already ... I liked the same lines that colorsonmymind liked.
I like the way it reads - smooth and long - like pouring cream - and I like the story it tells me.

6/9/06, 9:32 AM  

with some people it's always one extreme or another, isn't it? and i'm one of those people...

6/9/06, 9:46 AM  

As one who no longer fears loose lips and sunken ships, who came to the present out of SF, (its come and go, come and go...) let me say, "Good job!"

6/9/06, 10:27 AM  

Love the description of the Lindy Ladies! I know them well. Set tazers on stun! Fire!

6/9/06, 1:41 PM  

Love it!

6/9/06, 2:12 PM  

How could I have missed this the first time around? How? HOW?!!

Oh, this is great--the details are rich and make it vivid--I am there, in line, waiting for some coffee with you and those women from another era! What a lovely place to be!

6/13/06, 9:58 AM  

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