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Sunday, June 04, 2006

I'd Like to Thank the Academy

Its scary how I can be lured into caring about silly little things.....like over at http://masthead.blogspot.com/ Magazine Man hinted at the possibility of a contest for the best solution to one of his dilemmas of success...His blog is one of my new found guilty pleasures. I read it all the time...sometimes even comment...but when he mentioned a CONTEST for the best answer...well, I HAD TO comment...and I wanted to be best.....shameful...really...Don't know this guy, won't ever meet him, BUT STILL, I want him to view me as the best, of his motley crew of cyber groupies....oh...how did I get here????.....

The only redeeming reason I can rationalize at the moment, is that he is very amusing, in a laugh out loud way, and that he is someone who I wouldn't mind dropping in and reading a little of me, from time to time...but that's a little weak in the persuasive dept....

Or is it yet another symptom of my ever present and always gnawing need for approval??...If this is the case, some one please put me out of my misery...and give me some kind of award....so I can accept and do my own version of the "They like me...They really, REALLY like me" speech...anyone ...anyone.... PLEASE!!??!!
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I give you the award for speaking up for quiet people all over the globe! You are the quiet peoples'champion. For which I, as another quiet person, am eternally grateful!

6/5/06, 5:38 AM  

Hi Chief,
Thanks for the comment...now for the speech...."It is truely an honor. Thank you" See, for a speech I'd have to stand up and SPEAK instead of write..YEE GADS!

I am, teasing aside, very glad to hear from an accomplished woman such as yourself... have a great day. Wendy

6/5/06, 7:45 AM  

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