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Sunday, May 28, 2006

A Fathers Son

So what to write about..the morning after,....as usual, observing life makes topic choice painfully simple....As Rachel creeps ever closer out our proverbial door, yesterday, I reaffirm that Michael is becoming his father.

We went to see an animation movie to celebrate Rach's b-day...kind of a tradition....and sitting next to my husband I heard sleep breathing twice in a 90 minute movie...quick elbow from me...to which he responds.."just resting my eyes, dear". It was 5:10 in the afternoon....and it was a fairly good movie.

My husband's dad is a old school GOOD GUY. He's the closest example of "father" behavior that I've ever seen. You'll never hear me talk about my own father, not much to say. But "M" Senior...is a walking, talking charactor study. I spent the early part of my marriage soaking in his details, like a little child. His stories, old to everyone else, were hysterical. He has a way of being instantly trustworthy, though he spins the hugest "fish tales" ever. The tiny girl in me has been caught believing, when, REALLY...I know better.

My Michael, has been known to put on ratty clothes to go purchase anything of $$$$ substance, to keep "THEM GUESSING...you don't want to advertise your position"...no dummy..the credit report does that.....and likes to shop for houses in the "DOG DAYS" of winter...always in the dog days....

I've seen "M" Senior change from a lean tall military cut 50's style fisherman exec to a softened and greyed grandpa of 15 grandkids. Always willing to pull out a whoopie cushion when needed, or watch marathons of Hitchcock films with which ever grandkids are available..(regardless of age.....)

Watching my husband load his glass with ice and milk...to sit down to a way too big slice of b-day cake...looking more like a 5 year old than a 30 something year old....I say "havin a bit of dessert there..M Senior..are we?" His blue eyes twinkle just like his dads... as he takes a BIG bite...and swallows that compliment...gladly.
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