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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

spectator mom

I ride horses, almost every day. I have kids,a job and a husband who travels the world,(but mostly the country)all the time. (Riding horses) is a passion for me, some would say an addiction. There's a reason to reveal this fact now.

My aforementioned daughter, Mags, had another track meet yesterday. My husband has been gone now for three weeks,to Australia, its the end of the school year, and my schedule is getting stupid crazy, to say the least. All this decription to get to the point that I'm always going SOMEWHERE from the barn. I have been known to pop in almost anywhere, in my boots and breeches...for those of you not in the horse know...tall riding boots to the knee, and well, riding "tights". Before you think I strut around looking all cute in my get up...just remember I am a dope, I tend to trip and my horses likes to drool and kiss all over me..

So, in I stroll....to the mom's spectator hive...in my "horsey uniform" as one friend calls it. Believe me, people that know me, are used to this behavior..the problem is..I really don't know that many people...Track meets are slow events with a couple of hundred kids dressed just enough alike to drive you crazy. They are in the infield ...and the hive is outside the fence...I feel all eyes on me as i walk the fence line, trying to find maggie in a sea of purple (her team) and navy blue( the opponent) jersies. Women in this neigborhood are golf and tennis wives....always cute, tan, and appropriately dressed.

I do have one popular mom friend....and thank god, I hear her voice behind me. She always knows everything, has a race list and the eyes of a hawk. I trudge up the hill and she knows I am so releaved to find her. "Margaret's over there...and she hasn't gone yet." My friend is not at all surprised by my appearence....but those sitting near her are.. I sit down in the grass/dirt next to all of them. One says, "You just sat in the DIRT!" I sheepishly grin....sigh...shrink.. Friend says..."Oh, she'll plop down anywhere....she's horsey.." She says it with total bewilderment..and affection. I love this friend.

After a while I hear "mom, mom, WENDY" from the infield.. There stands mags.. I trot over to the fence..aware of everyones view of my butt...and ask her how she found me..."Oh, mom," she says..."you're always easy to find in a crowd." She says this with amusement...and love....

She runs like the wind again today, and we walk to the car, shoulder to shoulder....
She thanks me for comming....and I thank her for finding me in the crowd.
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