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Monday, May 08, 2006

Sick of being scared

Yesterday, trying to settle down into sleep, I watched the news. ALWAYS a bad idea. Definately not good bedtime reading. There was a segment on Avian Flu...sayig that they expected it sooner than projected...within months w/human involvement...Federal goverment not prepared..states in control of their managing their own epidemics...Now on this very same station..ABC shame shame shame....the miniseries...on the very same subject.this week. Now I'm not an expert..and it may well be that this is the end of everything as we know it, but I think its pretty close to devilish to exploit fear in people. I am a person. I try not to be stupid and brush it off as garbage...but visual images of bodies in a huge heap, are hard to brush off. I will not watch this vile program, but didn't have the choice not to watch the preview.(no tivo)

I will die. My husband and children and friends will die...sometime. Trying to make me hysterical over possible ways this will happen is NOT ENTERTAINMENT, you sick pricks, whoever you are....bad form to you.
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