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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

There's a lot of witty people

I haven't been much into reading others blogs...mostly because I didn't know they exsisted. But now...I am impressed!! It's like going to the zoo...not meant as an insult.

One thing i've noticed is that almost everyone is witty. Witty is very attractive,it's light and breezy, done right it's not condesending. It is always slightly judgemental..but aren't we all?

But is it honest? I've always wanted to be witty..breezy..or for that matter light. I stopped going to coctail parties not when I stopped drinking, but when my husband had to tell me that mostly NOBODY wants to talk about..(education, quantum physics,God, truth or anthropology...not ie the store)..what I want to talk about. So, to fit in, I usually tell very embarrassing stories about myself (I have alot of material here, believe me) After wards...I feel like such a dope.

Witty is different..it obsevational instead of confessional..Never learned that in banter class...

No woner I always feel like I have toilet paper stuck to my shoe around people...I've told 'em its ahppened befoe..They're just waiting...because now that they KNOW me...it's just a matter of time.
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