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Thursday, May 11, 2006

"Have ya ever..".

Yesterday was not a day from hell...just a day that felt like I had an anchor tied to my toe. Swimming for the surface, but never breaking through, to sweet air, is frazzeling. Here's the "have ya ever" part....I called a friend, one of my dearest truest friends, and left a seriously incorherent message on her machine, while my daughter was in explainig to her dance teacher that the laws of time and space prevent me from getting her two places at the same time.

I was on my cell phone, which I never am...no really I hate cell phones. Only when I am parked do I use them. So I'm in the parking lot of the dance studio, and I'm talking on this phone that has always felt like a barbies dream phone to me, leaving a message for my friend and...I JUST LOSE MY MIND. I don't start yelling or cussing..(I've never heard this particular friend cus..ever)..But I start a seriously scitzophenic moment..that drags on and on..5 MINTUTES on....on her machine.

If you've read any of my earlier posts, you know I'm a dope. I only hope she wasn't screening her calls....while trying sneak a quickie with her hubbie while her girs were at soccer practice. I don't think the breakdown of an always crazy friend is good mood music....but maybe it is good comic relief.
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