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Monday, May 15, 2006

A full time job

Yesterday was Mothers day, when people thank their moms...and Mom's count their blessings...and if they are anything like me, count their regrets too.I always count blessings to keep myself grateful...and regrets to keep myself humble.

Most days I feel I live a small life, that I try to make as meaningful and significant as I can. I try to end each night, thanking god for a warm place to sleep, a comfy pillow to rest my head, and hope I did or said one thing that day that will truely make a difference..in the right way. No earth shaking news conference, no big corporate deals, or heart surgeon holding a pumping heart in my hand.

Just a mother duck swimmin in a pond...leading the way, nudging ducklings this way and that, trying to keep everyone's head above water, paddling to the other side, where we all will find rest...and thank God for a well built nest.
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