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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Maggie and the very bad day

I swear I have two daughters...but at (almost)16, the elder, Rachel, seems to be taking a break from homicidal tendencies. She's battling math finals and yesterday she actually DID do the dishes...so from where I sit this morning, she's golden.

Margaret Elizabeth, aka Maggie, on the other hand, has been surfin the Diamondhead of teenage angst, and hang tenning all over my last nerve...from sunrise to sunset..
An(almost)13 year old with rockin little body, and a gigantic mouth, Mags has always been a whirling dirvish. When I was about 8 months pregnant..I swear I thought she was going to kill me. All babies kick, punch, and generally terrorize their ever tightening wombs without a view...But Maggie, it seemed, was hell bent on total demo and renovation. I became somewhat of a sideshow freak as people near and far (yeah, right...) would watch as Maggie would summersault, cartwheel, and bring the roof down, sometimes 3 times in a row. By month 9, she was restricted,and saved all her energy for her debut....and has been screaming ever since.

Maggie had a very bad day yesterday...why? I don't know...when asked..."JUST LEAVE ME ALONE MOM"...is spewed at me with such power...I have to admit...I'm impressed...She is a very confident...BRAT. The WB used to have a cartoon on animaniacs...called "Katie goes Kaboom"...about a rockin teen with an atomic temper....the show's been cancelled...but "Maggie goes Kaboom" lives on in reruns at my house, 24/7 without commercial interruption.

Rachel, the eldest, reprimands me, and wonders why I can't get Maggie "under control"..she has selective amnesia of her own episodes, where she was the star of "Kaboom".

During this exchange, a thunderstorm blew in, ratteling my house..make of sticks not stones, like the big bad wolf. Running to close Maggies bedroom windows, I noticed the magnetic poetry calendar on her wall. She has concocted phrases like....We**melt**and**sizzle....... and ...I**always**remember**hot**y**s.......Oh GOD!!oh GOD!! oh GOD...I panic as I crank her windows shut...I stand and stare as the storm grows inside and outside my home...

The words on the magnetic board beckon me to send her a message... a becon in this squall.

"I love you" would have sufficed, but would likely be ignored. I let go and let the words take me.

I left this message..for her to notice in her own time..

***To weather a strong child, you see more in this storm than her rain****

I studied it for a moment, than retreated quickly to my bedroom, to catch tommorrows weather report...Let's all pray for sun!
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