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Friday, May 26, 2006

Gather ye rosebuds....

....while ye may. One of the many lines of poetry, seared into my brain. It's become an creed, a friendly, beautiful reminder to... enjoy IT while I can. Find those tiny rosebuds amidst the chaos of my life. Look for those little buggers even in the thorniest of places. and GATHER them, hold on to them, weave em into your hair, if your arms are full...but take them with you on the journey...Put them in your pocket,if you're too embarrassed to show them. Here's an idea...If you can't possibly hold ONE MORE thing. stop, and drop one of the boulders of hate or even a pebble of self doubt, to make room for even one or two more rosebuds. They are much lighter to carry.

Here are some of my gatherings from yesterday.

Rosebud I

I've mentioned I work with special needs kids..gardens of roses...despite the thorns...Most of these kids have one disorder or another...or learning disability,but they are all great kids. They just need to be tended too..as all roses do...I feel this is my work..to tend to them....Little did I realize, they are tending to me too.

Yesterday I was tired, had a cold (perhaps from one of them) and was feeling OLD..the blush definitely off this rose...My eldest had just gotten out of the car that morning, and announced that today she was AN UPPER CLASSMEN! I'm too young for this....NOT..grumble...

Flash forward to my day..in the midst of a pretty normal day I had this conversation:

Mrs F (me): What's the difference between EXIST and EXTINCT?? Do you know, B?

Student B(oy): Weelllll, Extinct means your dead.

Me: Right, and EXIST??

B: UHHHHH.....

Me: Means LIVING, to LIVE: to be ALIVE.

B: Someday humans may be extinct..If mommies stop making babies.

Me: This is true...

B: that's why I'm havin kids..to keep going...I'm going to have 3.

Me: Cool, first you need a wife..(aside, this kids in 3rd grade)

B: Yeah, I know...uh..you're married ..right?

Me: yep. (Blushing..really!!!)Ok, time to go... I've gotta go..Good work today..B...

B: oh...(pause) can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure..

B: Who picks you up to go home, your mom or your dad?

Me: WHAT??

B: To go home...who picks you up???

Me: Sweetie, I drive myself.

B: YOU drive?!?!!..wow.....

........and scene.

Rosebud II

Working with an mildly autistic kid....somewhat verbal.. though gets stuck on certian topics and can't move on...one of his favorite topics..video games...

He want's to go on my computer to play his video games. I explain his games aren't on my computer..

B(oy)(different from above B)(2nd grade): UH HUh....

me: no, I don't have your games on my computer. Sorry.


Me: No I don't...sorry

B: Let ME See.

Me: No...

B: JUST GOOGLE IT!!! (swear to God)

Me: (silent, jaw dropped)

......and scene.

Rosebud III

Last boy, 3rd grade.....bi polar..aggression disorder..

B(oy): I've just killed that dragon...(in a Math blaster Type game)

Me: I saw that...Good for you..

B: I've eaten dragon before...

Me: REALLY?!!??

B: Tastes like chicken.

.....and scene.

Ahh, rosebuds... I tucked these behind my ear, rolled dowm the window of my very own car and drove home...Feeling light and refreshed. Thanks Boys.
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