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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bittersweet 16

Today is Rachels 16th birthday. One of those benchmarks. As with any story, there are several versions that can be told about Rach. There are happy ones, and tragic ones, hopeful ones, and desperate ones. Today I'll only pick a couple of brief moments that are some of my pinpoint favorites.

1. Rachel got chicken pox on her first b-day. She and I(well, mostly I) were working as the manager of a childrens clothing store. She came to work with me each day...where someone infected her...We had planned to go to Baja California to celebrate Memorial Day...she was born on Memorial day....The first day of the trip was great...we did such crazy things as go ATVing on the beach(fast)..My husband holding Rach...and I, holding my husband. We ate sponge cake under the palm fron cabana. All was well as she blew out her giant one candle and went to bed. I drifted off feeling thankful to have kept her alive and well for one year. Sweet dreams of a happy family....until a piercing cry at 2:00am...one I'd never heard before...woke us to searing hot child with pox....and the first time I lifted my eyes to the stars and pleaded for help.

2.My sweet baby gave me chicken pox...ughhh.

3.My sweet baby gave my very high maitenance sister chicken pox...(secret high five..secret hee hee hee..evil, I know)

4.Rachel is a puplished author and poet...small publications...OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL. One of her poems was on a bus plaquard for a whole season...so she gave commuters something to contemplate.

5. At the banquet for the celebrating the above honor(Poetry to go),A small briefing was held, introducing the sponsors, explaining the program,and informing the poets in what order to recite their works to the conference of women writers in the room beyond. The speaker finished her intro, and asked if there were any questions...In a room filled with teens and old women in hats...one older woman raised her hand... Her questions...Where's the Bathroom?...Rachel and I were the only to to (almost) laugh out loud. I leaned over and whispered.."The whole world is a bloody SPECIAL ED classroom"...we laughed so hard that I don't think she had any mascara left when she finally recited her poem later on...The poem was hopeful and young and innocent..just like her.

6.She has songs from Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom, and Lord of the Rings on her IPOD... as well as the Clash, Queen, and Bob Marley......

7.All those years that she has waved to me from on stage, singing, reciting,receiving this and that. All those shy grins and sideways waves from her life.

I think I'll stop there.

Happy Bithday, Rach....long may you wave.
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