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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sleepy time..she comes

Lots of things keep me up at night. I've never been very talented when it comes to sleep. I have vivid dreams that I remember with great detail....ask my husband. I have been known to stay vaugely pissed off at him for trangressions he committed no where but in my head, for days. Have I mentioned, I'm a dope?

Summer weather has come to the Rockies...we had no spring...ANYWAY.. the crickets are back, and so are the thunderstorms. Last night, I tried to sleep with my french door open. At first everything was bliss. The humm of early summer, the whirl of the fan, almoooost had me thoughtless.....until....The wind came in, first as a gentle breeze tickling the windchimes below me....Clang...CLang...CLANG...then the gale made me think I was portside. I have been known to take down windchimes in the wee hours of the morning...take down??? well,.. pitch over the side of the deck two stories down....Did I mention that the crazy gene runs in my family?

The damage had been done....the windchime MUST DIE!!!! Down stairs go I, with murderous intentions. But alas...Twas not to be...this windchime has a magnetic "donger"..so I attatch it to itself...feeling jipped of any carnage....and stomp back to bed.

No use. I'm thinking again. This is never good. Ask Michael... The phrases "just thinking" and "just looking" are some of the most dangerous I can utter...

Michael snores peacefully, unaware of the peril next to him, lying awake, crouching in thought...lost in the tall grassed "what ifs", at the edge of sanity and sleep. I wait motionless for something to stir, and try to flee, so I can pounce.

Michael stirs, but instead of fleeing, he picks up my arm and kisses my elbow. "Yuv ya" he mutters, as he rolls over,his back to me now. I let the back of my hand graze his shoulder gently."luv ya too" I say, into the air, to myself, for he is already far away..in a land I can't reach...."Don't worry," I think, "I'll keep watch tonight."
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You are amazing. Whoever you are.

Ps. Where do the quote "sleepy time, she comes"
come from? Cause I can never remember.

12/6/09, 3:12 AM  

I remember it from the Master of Disquise movie :)

2/10/10, 12:45 AM  

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