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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time for a Bath

Today was HOT in our neck of the woods. It's also a day off work, so that means a day at the barn. I rode two horses and was a sweaty mess by noon. Both of these horses tried really hard today. I bathed both of mine ...and it was then I noticed the real difference in personality..between my two characters.

My gelding Roux, worked his ass off for me today. He is a scrappy fella, and likes things fast and hard. He is a little machine. When I was bathing him...it soon became apparent that he was bathing me ...he has a way of playing with me that is much more dog like...than horse like...He loves to step on the hose,so that when I yank in free from underneath him...it gets all over me instead...I swear I see him chuckle..each time. I walked him outside to his pen, with out his sheet, and still pretty wet... and watched him roll himself in the dirt like a proper mud puppy. With mud hanging from his forelock, he came to me at the gate.. for one last scratch on the nose, before he was off to play with the guys... If he could live inside my house, I swear I would let him...I love him that much.

The second bath I gave, was to my mare. Now to be honest, I hadn't actually ridden her today. My friend did, so that I could ride her horse, CASTILLE. He looks just like he sounds...big, Latin....ok, brown..and regal. If my horse Roux were a car, he would be a tricked out mini cooper...Castille would be a Bentley. All class, all the time. Bond, James Bond.....but my friend took him home for his own private bath, so I washed my mare instead.

Callie, is the big grey mare, in my life. She is pretty and she knows it. My friend and I took her to a show recently, and she had people camped out at her stall, fawning all over her. She gets away with everything because she is a charming horse..If she were a car....SHE WOULD NEVER BE A CAR, SHE WOULD HAVE A DRIVER!!!!and sit in the back..It's Breakfast at Tiffany's all the way, baby. She is PLATINUM, honest, with dapples all over, and a white blaze and two white socks.

Washing Callie is like washing a supermodel. She likes being pampered and there are no games about it. She will put her enormous hip out for you to scratch, and hold it there if she hasn't finished with you yet. She likes it slow and easy, much more particular about the temp of the water or the scent of the shampoo..I kid you not. She is big enough, so that I have to use a step stool to really get at her back...and she tends to groan as I give her the Massage... I am telling the honest to God truth. I also give her an all over conditioner..especially her mane and tail...which I "set" for her before rinsing with cool water..She could stand in the wash rack (AKA Wendy's world of Equine Beauty and Health) for HOURS being doted on..

Walking back to her stall, she is careful not to step in any puddles "the help" has made. I only get wet with Cal when she decides to shake on me....with a look back like "oh dear,,did I get you wet....so sorry...now where are those CArrots!??!......"

I drive home, so dirty I dare not stop at the grocery to get food to feed my human family. As I pull in to the garage, ready for my shower...My daughter announces that our St Bernard MAY HAVE had a little encounter with a skunk.

But I'll save that...washing a St Bernard is a whole other kettle of fish...And a whole different bottle of shampoo.
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This was great reading! Thank you. More please!! You have a great chatty style - but interestingly chatty, and funny. You brought those horses right into my living room! (AND a St Bernard! - what were you thinking?) :)

6/8/06, 4:54 AM  

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