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Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Moment of Married

My husband just brought me a hairball from our vacuum, caught in some place in its mechanical intestines...I swear he's like a pet cat, offering me a dead bird as a love token... truth be told, though, he's more ticked at the moment than in love with little old me.

"Didn't you notice it wasn't picking up anything...when YOU VACUUM!!!" he says in that..who's youre daddy, boy are you busted, way he has..."Huh.."I respond, opening the door a bit wider for the fight to come in...."Vacuuming....now THERES a concept...I'll have to give it a try..someday..."...and then instead of responding...he walks away, smiling, and glancing back at me as I peck on the computer.

A few minutes later(he is a mechanical engineer, afterall) I hear that vacuum sucking up a storm in the kitchen. I smile as I type. I sure do love that man!and he sure does love...a clean floor! Excuse me while I go give him a treat!
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