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Monday, June 19, 2006

Is it Dr. Jekyl, or Mr.Hyde??

Once again I've used my Blog pals, like my own Da Vinci code, to lead me to clues, to find answers....This one was lifted off Jennifers blog. It says it came from psycho therapy. GOOD, cause today I need therapy...SOME REALLY FRIGGIN BRILLIANT THERAPY.....so here goes...Thanks Jen...

  1. Voice ::
  2. Angry, crazy, desperate
  3. Us ::
  4. tethered, locked, straining
  5. Passionately ::
  6. urgent,fleeting, hunger
  7. Humbly ::
  8. whisper,eyes down, honest
  9. Love songs ::
  10. cheesy, too predictable, outgrown
  11. Dim ::
  12. sleepy, beyond grasp, intentions, menacing
  13. Calendar ::
  14. slipping, knocking, great expectation, a mirge in the dessert
  15. Careless ::
  16. words,papers,lost items,head in the clouds
  17. Block ::
  18. defense,shut down,close the door and hide the key
  19. Goal ::
  20. dangle a carrot in front of a starving horse, and he'll run off a cliff, choose wisely.

PS you don't know how my fingers hoovered over the delete button, after I read this...Boy, do I sound manic or what...Oh, that right ...It's Monday...Just another Manic Monday....so everythings as it should be...no worries.....
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It is very brave of you to reveal your thoughts. You don't sound manic at all - just someone who needs a hug, so sending one your way ) :)

6/20/06, 5:50 AM  

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