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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Six unremarkabe things...

Thanks to Joyce for the idea..

6 Unremarkable things about me:

1. Love Kraft Mac N Cheese...yep the Blue Box...With Ketchup.
2. Am not a night bird, nor an early one.....but I am a strange bird.
3. Only closed toes shoes for me.
4. I'd be a jack Russell terrier if I were to be a dog....For Sure!
5. I'm more of a jack of all trades..a renaissance girl..than a real master of
anything...like this blog.
6. I snort when I laugh...Hard...and only sometimes.....

One good thing that happened today...I went to a horse show...had some good classes myself...but the good thing was I got an update on a horse I used to own, about 10 years ago. He is the loyal mount now, of a short stirrup rider, about 8...bows and pigtails and all. Made me so happy. He's about 17 now and spends his days making his girl laugh.

He always was a good old boy. I'm proud of you Toby! (My Toblerone)
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Ha! (snort). I enjoyed this. Hey, did I ever tell you I searched you on the net and came up with some newspaper articles about you and your horses, like contest-stuff and such....

Well, I did. I read about you, too!

9/24/08, 1:51 PM  

Knock knock.

10/5/08, 7:19 PM  

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