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Saturday, August 30, 2008

All By Myself

Over at Neil's.....He has posted an entry about the women of yesterday vs today...and the same for men.

Now,I can't even really believe that I am the same species as the women of yesterday. I have both disdain and admiration for them.

But this is not what pricked my interest. It's the thingy that you buy from a condom manufacturer. The "modern" woman slips this vibrating thingy on her finger..to...um... rock her own world.

We've come a long way baby..(no pun intended..)

But have we really? Yes..I suppose a commercial about a woman mastering her own domain..is new.

But..still..there is something she NEEDS to put between her pleasure..and her self.
Another party.

You could almost see the bad girl caught by her mother, or her friend, as she pleads for forgiveness..

"It wasn't me....I was just CURIOUS....I was trying to be responsible, and get some condoms..for when I finally give my FLOWER to Neil....This thing came with it..a gift with purchase. I love the Gift with purchase!

Anyway..I followed the instructions....and before I knew it, it was too late.I tried to say no..but it was sooooo good....

I didn't know, I just didn't know...sob...I'm Not a slut..."

Now Girls. Perhaps this is progress....but what the marketing execs need to know is this. A true scene of women and self love looks like....

Just a beautiful woman, thinking her own private thoughts, perhaps with a glass of very good wine...and a sly, slick, wet smile on her own lips as she kicks the door closed and lays back on her very own pillows.

Fade to black.

Now that's the truth. The revolution. That always was. And Always will be.
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Did you find out how much it costs? And you get that cute little black bag for free! It even matches your shoes.

8/30/08, 1:56 PM  

Oh. My. Gosh.

8/31/08, 1:53 PM  

I would pay money to see such a commercial!!

8/31/08, 8:52 PM  

Sorry Joyce, a little off color...but I really believe it is a feminist issue. My mother would be proud of me.

I just believe that women are in charge of their own bodies...

And certainly do no need a marketing exec showing them how to use them.


8/31/08, 9:52 PM  

Bravo and well said.

9/1/08, 1:56 AM  

what an introduction to your blog!!
and i loved loved it. your last paragraph is so well written and so true...


9/1/08, 11:42 AM  

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