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Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm a walk alone kinda girl. I have many people , who bless my life. They keep me company and certainly lend a hand.

But we walk this road alone.

So with that thought, today I will pack my daughters childhood into the trunk of my car, and drive her down the road to the jumping off point. To the fork.

When we have unpacked every last teddy bear, her extra loud alarm clock, and her multiple peace signs, I will leave her to settle in to her new life. The one she gets to craft with her own two hands.

She has good hands. She will craft well.

I'll hit the road, holding the steering wheel. Anchoring me to the present,pointing towards my path. Watching the intersection of My Way and Her Way shrink in the rear view mirror.

I'll blow her a kiss and leave her with a smile.

I hope. That's the plan anyway.
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After we drop them off, which direction does the car point? That's the big question, eh?

8/21/08, 11:12 AM  

Beautifully written.

I once read that this experience of separation from ones child is seldom shared with younger women - older women rarely tell them about how one day the being who came from their body will leave and there will be a tearing of spirit more powerful than anything that has come before....but you survive and mend remarkably fast...and then they return to do their laundry and eat their favorite childhood food that only Mom can make. It is nature's way.

8/22/08, 1:31 AM  

11:05 Friday night, just got home! Monday, like THIS Monday? The 22nd? Where in the area will you be?

my email is tr3joyce@yahoo.com

I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see you!

8/22/08, 11:12 PM  

Whooops....I was looking at October's page on the calendar. The 25th?!?!

8/22/08, 11:19 PM  

It's not easy, but you'll get used to the distance and be so proud of the path she chooses.

Were you at BlogHer? So many people, impossible to find you, if you were! Hope there's another opportunity before long.xoxox

8/23/08, 10:03 AM  

It is always hard to let go and watch people we love journey on without us.

8/23/08, 10:29 AM  

Get a WebCam! See: Skype...

8/23/08, 11:40 AM  

Know the wrench well. Feeling for you.

8/30/08, 8:40 AM  

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