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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You'de Think I Would Have Asked This Before...

An odd thought strikes me this morning. Here it is......What Do I Need?

I have much of what I want.....but how much of it plasters over the holes of what I NEED.

A plant has a list of things it NEEDS to bloom. It can not deny that it needs them.
It can not rationalize them away, or sacrifice them for love.

So what do I NEED to bloom?

'Cuz that's what I'm supposed to do...Bloom...right?
posted by wendy at 10:10 AM


Water and love, to be talked to, and a little fertilizer.

9/16/08, 11:11 AM  

Love, Compassion, Community, Charity..

9/16/08, 2:30 PM  

Air. Lots of air, a lots of sun, some shade, a little rain.

9/16/08, 9:09 PM  

Good old fertile dirt. Sun. A sweet corner. Tending. Water - dewdrops, rain ... Apreciation. :)

9/17/08, 6:01 PM  

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