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Monday, September 08, 2008

Digging In

So, I told you that I rejoined the poetry group. Here is the poem I wrote. We had to do an ODE. Seeing as I have written NOTHING for very longish while... I might as well massacre an ode, right. So here goes.

Ode to Mongrels

"You know they are weeds!"
she said as if that should
make a difference.

"They blur your edges,
all but destroy your borders."
She used that same tone when
I was 14 with crimson lips.

"Now, REALLY, you have let
them take over. Not just this
years problem anymore. This year
and years to come".
A bold prediction, A seed
set to root deep.

She waited for me to say something.
Do something she understood.
Something that linked us
cell to cell, species to genus,
me as graft of her,
she the root of me.

She all but dared me to start
digging with my bare hands.
Tidy up my mess of uncontrolled creation,
this clutter of my unfettered pollination.

When I said nothing,
did nothing,

she turned her gaze away,
as if she always knew I
would welcome the mongrels
in my bed.
posted by wendy at 10:18 AM


Oh, Wendy, this is a terrific poem! I knew you would do it. Is this the same group you were with before? --I hope they realize what a talented writer you are!

9/8/08, 7:49 PM  

That said, why did you capitalize Destroy and not blur? (I think it works better if they are both left uncapitalized, but that's just me).

9/8/08, 7:53 PM  

And, "she turned her gaze away," (comma, not period)

Small picky stuff...?

9/8/08, 7:57 PM  

Thanks for the great editorial eye Joyce. GOD knows I need it.

Changes will be made.

9/9/08, 8:03 AM  

One more picky--A bold prediction(if you are going to capitalize the next A, you need a period, not a comma. Otherwise, leave the comma but use a small "a."

The editor in me rears its ugly head.... :)

9/10/08, 12:33 PM  

Wendy I LOVE this poem. It has stength and force. Mothers bring that out in us. Such energy in this poem. And truth. YES!!!! I just love it. You little beauty!

9/12/08, 9:28 PM  

oh this is powerful and rich

roots, grafts, seeds sown, weeds, mongrels, beds.

wow. love it.

so glad you're writing poetry again.

9/14/08, 6:52 PM  

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