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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Signs of the Times

I drop Maggie off at school each morning. I am usually dressed in a robe and sporting bed head. It's all I can manage most days just to stay on the road and avoid hitting deer. (This morning it was a "husky" well pointed buck..but I digress)

On the way,I pass all the lawn signs. Obama. McCain. In my neck of the woods, there are lots of McCain signs.Today,I whirled by one lawn that stood out,but there was no time to lose. High school and first period waits for no woman.

I was alone on my return trip, so I slowed to take a closer look. There stood multiple McCain signs...and one poster board,hand made sign, proudly proclaiming
"OBAMA... AND FREE SPEECH" in multicolored pencil.

How I smiled!!!!

Oh, CHANGE...it is a coming! Yippee hoo!
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I left you a comment yesterday commending you for VOTING, but the McCain guys prolly sank it... anyway, good girl! Way to go!

O-Ba-Ma! O-Ba-Ma!

10/28/08, 10:27 AM  

If I was an American I'd vote Obama for sure. :)
We are voting in a fortnight too - much tamer politics than you guys tho'.
It's been good to visit again! It's been a while (I've no idea why ... my bad) and I see you've been busy with some great poetry - woo hoo!

10/29/08, 5:22 AM  

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