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Monday, October 13, 2008

Poetry Assignment

Bad Poetry. Sure I have written my share..but never on purpose. I have written things not in my voice...but intentionally BAD..."So BAD, it's good." Tough. Then heap on top for good measure, make it a love poem. WELL NOW.

Make A Wish,Love

How many birthday wishes
have been squandered?
candles snuffed, smoke
rendered heavy, carting
the cheap waxy pleadings.
Barbie doll blonde,
with fake red dye #5
sugar roses, promise
happiness, and luck thrown
in for good measure.

But only if bestowed
a corner piece, gaudy
with flourish,love laced
thick with sweet nothings;
tubed in abandon.
A lure to the greedy,
desperate to win any
prize. Craving it's
slick smooth taste
that coats the tongue
in surrender.The needy

are willing to swallow
the lies,devour them
whole, without chewing-
for fear of crushing
the truth, lurking
like a bitter pearl.
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You see, I would have no idea if this was bad, intentionally bad, or even good.

10/15/08, 2:30 PM  

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