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Monday, July 31, 2006

Fifty one??? So soon....

Yep. this is my 51st post. I've noticed a pattern developing recently. I have become lazy...only writing to prompts. These are GREAT PROMPTS...mind you....
(like Poetry Thursday, and
Sunday Scribblings.) I write these off the cuff, like I would any post...but just let them choose the topic. I mostly enjoy the community, where I get to read others takes on the prompt as well. I have, perhaps been reading more than writing lately. I am amazed at how honest people are, and how talented.

Still, letting others steer my choice of topic, has kept me safe, revealing only answers to questions...and only shades of answers, to boot.. So, I am making a pack with myself, to get back to it daily. No kick in the ass from "Cyber deadlines" (ewww..i'm scared). More of me thrown in...of course along with participation in the above sites. I have grown very fond of some of the folks that inhabit PT and SS.

So, I want you to meet me: Wendy and Hubbie Michael. Not good with adding photos..so lets just start with this one....and see if I have not destoyed my site.

Update#1: for some odd reason..blogger briefly put FIVE of our pictures up..in a row!!! HORRIFYING!!! much more of me than I had intended...scared myself..I actually screamed! lets see if this is better....
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What a lovely couple you two make! Thanks for letting us see who you are!

8/1/06, 3:58 AM  

Beautiful photo of a gorgeous couple! Am so glad you're planning to write more.

8/1/06, 8:20 AM  

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