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Sunday, October 14, 2007

So What Do You Do?? For Sunday Scribblings

I was glad of a relatively easy prompt this week..as I am frankly not up to much more.

My first job was in a clothes store. I was a sales girl. I worked with clothes..or in the industry, for years. I traveled up the management chain...Eventually leaping to the manufacturing side for a good long time. A decade of my life spent on putting denim on sz 12 good old American Hips. Bought at Target. God Bless us all. At the time, perhaps I wished I worked for Chanel...or Dior. But now, I can see how ludicrous that would have been. I was (and am still) an average American girl...

My last "Garmento" memory, that is vivid...is giving my OB-GYN 3 pairs of pants from our line. She loved them. They were comfortable. She spent a lot of her time bending over...

My worst job..EASY!!...Working in the Buying office of a large Fashion conglomerate. This was the only time I ever worked in a MIS department (Merchandise Information Systems)..a prehistoric version of IT. This was my first go in with Lotus..and my boss EVOUT..(yes this is a first name..think "a trout")cursed this new fangeled "WINDOWS" system as the DEVIL...I had to try to learn the language of Lotus. Who the hell knew that a back slash was so damned important.

I also learned the nasty little secret about data. It can be spun. Spun in any old direction you want it to go. My job was data reporting. So my job was to be the spinner. My boss said make it go over here..swing it this way,bend it like Beckham...and I tried like hell to write a command that would bend it, not simply command it to" Cover Your Eyes"...and..."Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain". In the end, I left, unable to reconcile their ENRON thinking with my more childish thinking. Hiding data was hiding data, was lying.

I think they hired me because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. If ever caught, my name could easily have been changed to Sitting Duck..or Scapegoat. I just caught on a bit quicker than they expected...and I had a bigger mouth.

What I miss?...the suits. I wore short little skirts and suits and heels..and make up. Still my idea of sexy. Silk blouses and pearls.

My best and dream job...KIDS. Love teaching them. Love making them. Love photographing them.

Someday, I will write to them, for them. Someday I will make enough money, from this, to help them. To live, to grow and to laugh.

A girl can dream...

Let's stroll down to personnel and see what other job listings are posted.
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Loved hearing about your jobs in fashion. I think we've all had bosses who leave much to be desired--now they're our subjects on Sunday Scribblings!

As for your dream, I think you are making it happen. Writing it down here is just one step in the journey.

10/14/07, 2:52 PM  

See, and here I always thought that fashion would be so glamorous! I laughed at your "Who the hell knew that a back slash was so damned important." I remember those days well.

10/15/07, 12:02 AM  

they already have everything you're writing here...that's a good start

10/16/07, 3:28 PM  

That was an enjoyable read. As your writing always is - I felt your energy when you started writing about KIDS. :)

10/17/07, 4:13 AM  

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