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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Name Is....for Sunday Scribblings

A reprint of my odd relation to forming my own name...Beyond that...I am, what, and who I am.....

I stutter. Not so much now..but when I'm nervous. A lot when I was a kid. I was a wicked smart kid.. with tons to say...and a broken reed that filled my mouth.

Updated..Fri...trying for a new title including the line from the above set up description. Thanks for the feedback.

A Broken Reed

A broken reed filled my mouth.
Was God playing a trick?

For instead of calling me
Heather or Hildey or Helen,
He planted his seed of naming
deep my mothers dreams.

Even now, I pause to
breath, before I say it.
Conscious everytime I voice
the answer aloud. People,
only have so much patience.
It's a simple question, for
God Sakes!

So for God's
sake, I quell the panic.
I soothe the bile.
Breath in through my nose.
Poised, as if on
pink toes,
I utter


I try for effortless.
I often twirl, afterwards.
a diversion of glitter
to break
the silence.

I listen
for applause.
The always willing
jester, telling
an inside joke
to God.

wlf 8:30am

Heading to read over at Sunday Scribblings
posted by wendy at 10:00 AM


"...a diversion of glitter to break the silence" and "the always willing jester, telling an inside joke to God" are wonderful lines. You've described so well what I've always imagined it must be like to stutter.

9/23/07, 11:18 AM  

This is great Wendy. I always hesitate to say my name because no one catches it first time, I know I'll have to repeat or spell it. But to stutter over your own name is a whole other issue. You've expressed it very well, the sense of frustration and that someone somewhere must be having a laugh!

9/23/07, 2:44 PM  

"a diversion of glitter
to break
the silence."

i really like these lines! for some reason it calls to mind "peter pan", for i always liked wendy. but alas, it's tinkerbell who has the glittering wand. =)

9/23/07, 8:51 PM  

Good poem! I like the glitter line, too. And used to stutter....

But WHY do you not like "Wendy?" I love "Wendy!" (On the other hand, I never liked Joyce, either. Now it's so old-fashioned it's not even in the name-your-baby books!)

9/23/07, 10:56 PM  

I really liked this poem...loved how the staccato lines mimics the stuttering and the hesitation. Wonderful. :)

9/23/07, 11:54 PM  

We stuttered as well and the W sound was always the hardest.

9/24/07, 7:29 AM  

I stuttered when I was nervous. Now being a teacher, I have somewhat overcome it.

Very good poem.

9/24/07, 11:22 AM  

Lots of good phrasing, a clear piece of writing with rhythm and flow. Very nice!

9/26/07, 3:11 PM  

Dammit you're good - great poem again!
LOVE the name 'Wendy'. (Blame JM Barrie!)

9/27/07, 1:07 AM  

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