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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Falling In Love Again

I'm having a bit of a spurned lover moment, in regards to new Poetry sites. I have really mourned Poetry Thursday's departure. I knew it was the best thing for both of us. I could feel the weight of the site getting heavy on it mistresses. And like a good lover, I let it go, sweetly into the night.

But since it's leaving, I have felt my heart harden a bit. I have tried to wise myself to the ways of this nether word we call the blogspere.I remind myself that Dumbo never needed that damned magic feather to fly in the first place.

Yet, Thursdays come, and I am compelled to read and write Poetry. I catch the scent of poetry in the air and turn, hoping to see all that IT meant to me, back. Smiling.

So when I heard of this new beginning, I decided that while "the first cut is the deepest, I'd try to love"..and write..again...

As with any new lover, some things are the same...but oh, how the differences make my breath catch, make my cheeks flush, make my mind go crazy in the possibility that THIS one may be THE one....

Check out their first prompt....impressive!

I wish I were close
To you as the wet skirt of
A salt girl to her body.
I think of you always.

'Salt girls' boil seawater down for the salt.

OK..Here goes..

Always was

Was it just yesterday,the first
time I let you?(No, that is a lie.)
I WILLED you to unbutton my blouse.

I dared you,with one look,to slide
your hand up.Damn the torpedo's!
Damn those good girl brittle rules.

"Break me! Like my shell makes
no difference at all. Open me
like a egg, crack me,wide."

Such a thin space
veiled with skin
between you and I.

So,it was, me waiting for
you,for your fingers to come.
For you, to pick that button.

wlf 9:15

Thanks and congrats to the proud parents on the birth of their new site.. She's a beauty...and thanks to Deb of Stoney Moss for the directions.


posted by wendy at 8:15 AM


me like a egg,
crack me, open

Love this. Also love use of WILLED. And her waiting for the fingers.....grand.

10/11/07, 10:28 AM  

Love it to death! Especially "Damn the torpedo's!
and the sisters, Damn
all those good girls
with their rules."

10/11/07, 11:24 AM  

I loved this poem! Read it twice. I especially like these lines:

"It was a
thin skin
This space
you and I"

10/11/07, 12:23 PM  

"no, that is a lie,

Very familiar state of affairs..:D

10/11/07, 12:34 PM  

What a provocative piece! It captures so beautifully that young passion, the first touch. Just lovely.

10/11/07, 1:15 PM  

You do have a way with sensuality. Good job.

10/11/07, 1:24 PM  

Great combination, the introduction and the poem. I am so glad you are falling in love again and joining in. Yea!

My favorite lines? So many, but "So,it was./ All ways was,/ waiting for you." Especially beacuse it echoes was and always from other lines.

But I love eggs in poetry, too.

10/11/07, 2:02 PM  

Nice thought. I like the image of the egg being liberated from its shell, and salted!

10/11/07, 3:04 PM  

oh, wendy! now i know why your cheeks are flushed. now mine are too. this is a nice one - or maybe not THAT nice (ha!)

10/11/07, 3:56 PM  

I love this poem -- especially the image of the thin skin separating the two people. Great work!

10/11/07, 7:20 PM  

What a poem for the first go around--no time like the firs time, aye? Well done.

10/11/07, 8:31 PM  

Phhhhzzzzthatsssssooo hot!
I have had fun catching up with your busy life.
Looks like you have been too!

10/12/07, 6:54 AM  

Damn those good girls indeed!

10/12/07, 9:21 AM  

oh how i totally get what you're saying...that's why i'm still doing my own poetry thursday thing too. i'd heard about this site. maybe i'll check it out and play along. until then i'll keep filling my thursday with poety.

and by the way...amazing poem! yow!

10/12/07, 1:31 PM  

Oh, yeah!


10/12/07, 9:11 PM  

Wow, I'm breathless :)

10/13/07, 9:32 AM  

WOW, MOM! You did it again! Terrific poem. (ANd I have bookmarked the new place....)

10/13/07, 11:21 AM  

Hi Wendy! This rocks! I love the boldness and directness in this, mixed with vulnerability and softness. Bravo!

10/13/07, 2:48 PM  

oh my, that was hot! so many beautiful lines. i absolutely loved the play of 'So,it was/ All ways was' and the title. damn all those good girls indeed.

10/14/07, 11:53 PM  


This just hits me in the center of the chest and makes me exhale a soft breath of memory.

Beautifully, elegantly, perfectly done.

10/15/07, 6:22 AM  

I'm so glad v-grrrl pointed the way, this is delicious. Happy to have found you!

10/15/07, 10:10 AM  

I'll repeat what I said on V-grrrl's blog. This poem definitely took me back ... and took my breath away with the memory of that urgency, that breath-holding anticipation ... for me that passion of first love. So powerful for such few words. You should be compiling a book of your poems. I think your stuff is at least as good as the English professor here locally who won a Pulitzer for her work. Seriously.

10/16/07, 6:29 PM  

Lovely poem. Thanks!
Mad Kane

10/19/07, 12:24 AM  

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