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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

In Couplet, No Less!

Just a brief set up...This is a response to a homework assignment..To write a blason. A blason categorizes the parts of the body, usually female. I had no clue what it meant until now! We had to write one about ourselves. The couplets were not required, but the only way i could do it at all, was as if I was an old traveler, exploring this far of land..of my body.

as to why a bridge here

Because the inner most side
of the left ankle seems to

almost kiss the bone.
Yet,it is far enough,just.

Still, why the ankle
to ground the head?

Does not a toe
better balance?

Ah, but toes grip and
bicker for control,

where as ankles merely
pivot to negotiate.

So, thin sweet ankle it is.
As it was meant to be

a bridge between
here and there,

set forth to span years of walking.
Forms bend to kneel,worst still,to beg.

Travel long into lands of
such smooth hipped abundance,

some would say a bit overdone.
It would be a tidy argument.

Nest quietly between warm
branched legs of forgiveness.

From there the way seems
straight and reasonably easy.

Don't be fooled. A steady horizon
does still force a hard day's ride.

Gather speed at the meadow.
Linger not in the prairie

though it is flat -safe -wheaten.
Sleep will tempt this belly.

Push on to the foothills.
(For to call them more,

would be to lie.If this bridge
is any thing; it is true.)

Press by, for they are
the gate, not the prize.

The narrows next in passage,
demand control.

Windy and echoed, must sometimes
be met sideways. Baggage abandoned

strewn or eaten. Whittle to
essentials. Less is best.

Think wisely what to bear through.
For once it's mouth attained,

even cowards will dash toward
spread free light. Tis of no matter.

This bond is earthed; burnt
eternal, buttressed and enthroned.

From head to ground, oh Achilles!
finds truth,same I fear,at both ends.
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trying to be a mature grownup literary type but caught in a giggle at the foothills.... : )

10/4/07, 3:06 AM  

This is great - witty & clever & all contained within economic couplets. My first encounter with a blason. I shall look no further!

10/6/07, 8:46 AM  

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