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Thursday, July 12, 2007

People Watchin.....for Poetry Thursday....

Beach resorts make for very interesting people watching. I am fascinated by people bodies and their attitudes about them. Far more women cover themselves. Men seem to care a little less about who is looking at what. Men's swimwear is functional. Women's swimwear is delusional. There. I said it. The normal woman, can not pull off what the designers give us to wear. My days of bikinis are over.

Other women...with bodies of all different shapes and sizes, must feel differently. This really intrigues me. Not in a judgemental catty way. In a envious way. I wonder what I am lacking, when I feel the need to cover every flaw I have. Believe me if I could have walked backwards into the ocean and pool without tripping...and ending up spread eagle on the sand....I would have. I am constantly tugging, shielding and draping.

Others strut. Uncovered. Un saronged. Unashamed. I watch them walk from behind my sunglasses and admire them in their bold imperfection. They are blooming like brilliant island flowers, while I am caught in my neurotic narcissistic self grooming cycle. Constantly pruning the new growth. Constantly picking at bumps that may have become buds, that may have been beauty.


It is so hot,even threads
are a burden. My skin yearns
to be free of it's slight cage.

The smallest tug of my fingers
would undo this cleated slavery.
I could slip the knot, escape

this thin fortress. My hands
are so close, I can feel
their heat on my neck.


Well, Happy Poetry Thursday everyone!


posted by wendy at 9:19 AM


Yeaaa! You are so right. I NEVER wear a swim suit anymore. But I see many women who do, in spite of their imperfections. Blooming in their own space. But I can't....

Great post and poem. I'm glad your trip was a good one (regardless of the pulling and tugging).

I absolutely love the new picture, by the way.

7/12/07, 12:12 PM  

Amen! I worry about so many of the same things! And yet, how often I've wanted to be freed from those same "knots of slavery." Well captured...

7/12/07, 2:35 PM  

I got such a kick out of this - you put the thoughts into perfect words. Love it! It's true.

7/12/07, 3:07 PM  

LOL This was AWESOME because I so get it! I think that picture of you on the left is beautiful!

Untie the knot! You first. lol

7/12/07, 4:54 PM  

That was absolutely terrific. And that photo of you... you're a knockout.

7/12/07, 8:53 PM  

Brilliant. Great introduction that spoke on my behalf, too. Really.

Captured the prose in the poem.

"slip into/ my skin" possibly my favorite line, but hard to pick, the whole is grand.

Brilliant smile, too.

7/12/07, 9:26 PM  

'if only it
was not I,
who held
the key.'

Do we ever?

7/13/07, 3:48 AM  

Wendy -- Excellent! I enjoyed this pieceā€¦ ;)

7/13/07, 9:52 AM  

You nailed it again!!! LOVE the photo As Stevie Wonder says - Isn't she lovely?

7/13/07, 4:47 PM  

I love the new profile picture! So cute!! :)

7/13/07, 8:50 PM  

Wonderful poem, particularly the last lines. And I will not be seen in public in a swimsuit (without lots of covering up here and there). But if no one were around to see, I'd dive right in. It's a sad commentary on our self-image and the brainwashing we've received from fashion magazines and movies. Sigh.

7/14/07, 6:23 AM  

Loved those last 4 lines, Wendy, nice.

I wonder if could write something similar about a 40-ish male and speedos versus board shorts.


7/17/07, 9:40 PM  

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