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Friday, June 22, 2007

Schools Out...

I attended kindie graduation today and said good bye to my special needs triplets. They are on to a new school next year, and I am on to full time training of my horses.

I will miss most:

"A" telling me his new favorite letter every couple of days. He'd say.."I bet you didn't know that L was my favorite letter!" He ended most of his sentences with an exclamation point. I would always ask him if he was sure that he was excited about the sentence or thought, and he would always nod yes. Can't argue with that. His color was orange. Always, every day one piece of his clothing would be orange. Coincidentaly,(yeah, sure) his flower that rimed his face today was painted orange,in long, broad, good and strong kindergarten strokes.

"J" smiling confidently as he worked at his math, his favorite subject. Yes, we have subjects in kindergarten. I will miss his whisper voice, and the way he fell asleep cuddled to my side, each time we took a field trip. J was the color green.

And lastly I will miss "Z" probably the most. For Z was yellow.. Z picked me dandelions each time we were outside. Z and I had conversations about colors and the difference between peach and orange. Z would come and whisper in my ear.."Could you come to my table next?" as if I were a prize. And every day he told me I was the most beautiful girl in the world...and I believed him.

I leave you with the words of a sweet kindergarten song they sang today...all 25 of them..along with two other kindie classes. Their faces all rimed with brightly colored flower cut outs.

"Have you ever wondered
if people grow to be
As seedlings become flowers
and saplings become trees

And do we measure growing
by the way we've grown
Expecting other flowers
to be just like their own.

If there is a measure
of how I am to grow
It must be my own measure
of what I say and know

Blossoms are beautiful
in their own way
bloom were your planted
be what you may.
Blossoms are beautiful
in their own way
bloom where you're planted
in your own way."

Not a dry eye in the place.
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Aw .. heck. You've made me feel all teary-eyed too and not nearly so cynical about the little ankle-biters at my kindy. Thanks for that! :)
A beautifully written post. You write wonderfully about kids and horses.

6/23/07, 7:11 AM  

Not a dry eye here, either. You are great!

6/23/07, 7:45 AM  

So sweet. I used to volunteer in my nieces' kindergarten class and always came away with something that made me smile. They're so enthusiastic about everything. Not a bad way to be.

6/23/07, 8:18 AM  

'Bloom what you're planted in your own way' is something I believe in too. No standards to follow. Just being you and being proud of it.

Thanks for the poem!

6/23/07, 9:43 AM  

So sweet. Children really are such beautiful amazing things!

6/24/07, 10:17 AM  

If you'd like to join in, I've tagged you over on my blog. Do check it out!

6/24/07, 10:18 AM  

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