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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Five Minute Post

A twenty hour drive gives one a lot of quiet time. I have a rambling mind. I have tried to work on stealth like concentration, but have yet to master this skill. During sex..even enjoyable sex, my mind may wander to cream cheese or penguins. Upon hearing a favorite song on the radio, I may impulsively switch channels, even though the best line is just beats away. I am restless by nature.

This is why I love the road...and stupid TV shows. I am easily hypnotized. In this semi-conscious state, my mind slows. I read and listen to one thought at a time. Moments of no thought are rare, but if they do come, are much appreciated.

In Kansas, I filled up at a gas station, went in to pee...and came out and everything was in techi color..Just like the Wizard of OZ. I had only traveled one state away. From my country bumpin city of Parker... to towns which made Parker seem like fast times and bright lights.

I realized I know really only one type of person. Perhaps one class of people. As I drove I-70..along the spine of the country...I decided I would open my eyes and gather what I could from my fellow Americans. All the varied species.

Even when I wasn't in Kansas any more.....
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Such a lovely post!

I think that meeting new people and new types of people is the most exciting part about traveling!

5/22/07, 2:25 PM  

So. In technicolor, what did you learn about your fellow Americans? All the varied species?

I like to travel, but I LOVE coming home. I guess I had my fill of the road years ago....all the malls look alike, and every 7-ii, and Radio Shack, and McDonald's and Conoco Gas Station, and Pizza Hut, and...well, you get the idea, all look alike. The landscape changes. And each bity seems to have its own personality. But I would be interested to know what you discovered about your fellow Americans!

5/22/07, 3:56 PM  

bity=city. Where are my glasses?

5/22/07, 3:58 PM  

I can completely relate to that feeling of being on the road, lost in your thoughts. Probably one of the reasons I am such a scary driver, I tend to get lost in my daydreams!

5/24/07, 2:55 PM  

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