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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wings of Desire for Sunday Scribblings

Sometimes it feels like creators of these prompts have drilled tiny peep holes into my brain...and glance around to see what I have been thinking.

Just this morning I was feeling frightened. I often pray. Sometimes direct..sometime through angels. I think of my grandmother as one of my guardians...Another of my angels has a wicked sense of humour..yeah.. I guess I'd call it humour.

But, this morning I tried something different. I imagined the angel was within me. I tried to imagine, just for an instant feeling strong..beyond strong, invincible. I felt the weight of the wings. Where would they attach to my back?? What would it feel like to move the air, the heavens with my body?

I tried this, to feel the power within. As I've gotten older, I have grown weary of praying for help..divine intervention. I have instead shifted to asking for the patience and wisdom to find the strength to face off my enemies. I want to fight the good fight. I want to stand my ground. I need to feel the conviction of angels. The all knowing KNOWING. The connection to greatness. I need to transcend.

After that, I will fly. But for now I will stand tall and prepare the way for WINGS.

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PS: My favorite cinema images of angels are:
Angel in America...Emma Thomson..both as the nurse, the Archangel,and the proprietress of heaven..In God's "absence".
Wings of Desire. THE WHOLE THING..period..
and Clarence from It's A Wonderful Life...'Cause just like Clarence...I'll probably just muddle through, tripping as I go along.
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Wings of Desire is one of my all time favourite films. I really enjoy It's a Wonderful Life too, its on the tv and in one of the local cinemas every Christmas!

4/29/07, 4:08 AM  

Super post! Yes, Emma was great, and Angels was a wonderful film. And yes, you WILL transcend!

I don't dance (anymore) but I still muddle through doing the light fantastic INSIDE.

4/29/07, 7:45 AM  

That whole thing about begging God for help... I don't think that's what prayer is for. As you said, it's about asking for patience to handle everything that comes our way. A super post, Wendy- and I do so love Clarence... he must be my angel as well!

4/29/07, 8:33 AM  

Lovely post, Wendy. I love the "imagining the angel is within me." And Wings of Desire is an amazing film - I've watched it many times. Have never seen Angels in America. And of course, It's a Wonderful Life is a classic. xo

4/29/07, 8:34 AM  

I agree with you on the praying for understanding and acceptance. Free will allows humans to create some confusing scenarios to say the least. Understanding would be good.
I wonder if the feeling of power that you describe here is similar to what sky-divers experience before they open their chutes.
Nice post.

4/29/07, 2:37 PM  

I, too, find myself more frequently praying for strength to handle what comes my way rather than praying for God to make my way easier. A very empowering post.

4/29/07, 2:57 PM  

Quite a lovely post, Wendy. I feel as you do, that as I get older, it's not about asking for anything outside of me, but for that feeling of wholeness within, the strength that I need to muddle through, to be certain that all the wrinkles will be worked out as I go.

4/29/07, 7:11 PM  

I love this! Yes, I can identify with the stand and fight principle - altho I am a bit more of a scaredy cat than you - I could learn from you, you angel you!

5/2/07, 6:24 PM  

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