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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

15 years!

15 years ago I was living in Claremont, California..."and going to the chapel and gonna get married". Here are some random details I remember...

We got married at 12 noon..during a heat wave...

The little one in the picture is Rachel.

Yes, that is fuzzy math.

Michael asked me to marry him at the beach..with Rach in a baby back pack...

No joke...I said.."yeah, RIGHT!!"

My first engagement ring came from Best...I think now defunct. It turned my finger green..I was actually allergic to it..Enter ring number two. I think we bought this one for my 3rd anniversary. It was white gold..instead of yellow..and I lost the stone out of it at Walgreen's. I called Michael so UPSET..he thought one of the kid's had died. I wore a stering silver band for a long time after that. My ring now, is a vintage platinum set...I got for my 10th anniversary. I have managed to hold on to it for 5 years.. A record for me.

The morning of my wedding, I got up, went for a massage, came home..and did my own hair and makeup. I looked very much myself.

We took a horse and carriage to our reception. We had Rach and our niece and nephew ride along..Us and 3 under three year olds. I did not ride back then...but I loved horses. The carriage was my Mother in Laws idea.

I had the DJ's from the CRUSH BAR in Hollywood at the reception. I was a regular at the Crush, on Cahuenga and Hollywood, for years. Only club I was considered VIP, never waited in line...never paid...(and I secretly LOVED it!!) It was a Motown dance club. Very hip for its time!! It's closed now.

Our first dance was to "What a Wonderful World"..Louis Armstrong..Oh Yeah!

I don't think I have ever felt the way I felt that day. Truly like a princess.

Michael and I went to Palm Springs for 2 days..without Rach...Then to Pismo Beach and Monterrey as a family.

We had to stop for condoms in Claremont on the way to the desert. We laughed alot.

We haven't stopped laughing..15 years later!
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:D Hehe. This was fun -- my wedding band was bought at White Front (sort of like K Mart) and cost $4 something. I still wear it (I can't get it off, they'd have to cut off my fat finger to get it off!). I lost the diamond in my engagement ring in the bathtub several years ago and never realized it was gone until--it was gone down the drain. I guess it's somewhere in the mud at the bottom of the Great Salt Lake....never got another, although my husband bought my a lovely ring with the birthstones of each of our children (which I seem to have lost....) :(

He knows better than to buy me any more.

4/25/07, 11:17 AM  

Did I say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Hope you both have a great celebration!

4/25/07, 1:38 PM  

Happy Anniversary! 15 years of laughter is a pretty good start. :)

4/25/07, 9:21 PM  


My first engagement ring was also from Best! E bought me a new one on our 10th anniversary. Today I still have that one, but mostly I wear a silver claddagh ring that I bought from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

4/26/07, 12:26 PM  

As you know, weddings are on my mind - I just adored this account of your wedding day - you are a natural! (In more ways than one.)

4/27/07, 9:04 PM  

Happy anniversary! What a great story.

4/30/07, 12:21 AM  

Lovely post. I'm late to the party. Happy Anniversary, you two!

5/3/07, 10:31 AM  

Happy Anniversary. I used to go to the Crush Bar, too! Maybe we met once? Nah, I would be too afraid of talking to you...

5/7/07, 7:47 PM  

that was so fun to read (even though an older post) it made me smile; and I wa

5/18/07, 10:42 AM  

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