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Friday, April 06, 2007

Envelope, Please...

I've been toodling around this morning rather than serious reading...which takes more time than I have at the moment. When I read...hours disappear. This morning I have minutes...about 10 to be exact...and a cup of morning coffee.

Wandered over to January's blog Poet Mom...and saw she was awarded an honor for top mom blog..in one of their categories. Cool. She deserves it. She has a great blog and seems like a good mom.

Then there's me. Yes ME. Everything is about MY relation to everything else. I'll tell you why I would not be listed for a mom award....My daughters both loathe me right now. I think a karmic retribution of teenage angst proportions.. because of revealing my own ambivalence towards my own mother.

Or perhaps, it's just the natural order of things...daughters at some point must hate their mothers. Period. This does not tend to give readers the warm and fuzzies. Friends with younger daughters..seem scared to talk to me lately. I am like the grim reaper of parenthood. An omen of what is yet to come.

It's true, I had about 11 good years of love with both of my girls. They thought I was kooky and fun and " the best Mom in the world"!! I was a room mom, a girl scout leader and even a Sunday school teacher..FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! I was trotted out and paraded at soccer games and threw cool birthday parties.

But that was then. This is now.

And now can be summed up by two incidences..occurring yesterday.

1.7:10PM...Carpooling (4) almost 14 year olds home from soccer..half hour trip. My youngest Maggie, is the one doomed to the front seat. We are not speaking. In fact, no one is speaking. Each girl is texting to someone else in the car. What about? I don't know. I am not supposed to know. This is made obviously clearly the side ways glances..and the muffles snickers. They are IN and I am OUT.

2. 8:30PM.. After a whole 10 minutes at home.. older, Rachel calls for a pick up..back down where I just came from..half hour trip. On the way home we discuss how her day was. She had an interview for a trip to a mock women's congress this summer. It is being sponsored by the VFW...(Veterans of Foreign Wars). She had to write about the American flag. (Did I mention she is the president of the "Democrats in Action" club she founded at school?) Her essay was presented to older baby boomer women.. Wives of older baby boomers. Wives of older baby boomer VETERANS. Her essay, from what I gathered, spoke of the flag as a symbol of FREE SPEECH...and she went from fee speech to protest..and from protest to revolution...Get the picture.

I was amused at first..proud even. Then somehow, the conversation veered to her friend and her REFUSAL to say the pledge of allegiance at school..Why?? because it says one nation, UNDER GOD. Rach thought this was way cool. I told her I thought it was fighting for fightings sake. Then we careened into the KKK and freedom of speech and atheists are people too...

By the time we pulled into our driveway, we too, were not speaking. I think my last comment was.."What's wrong with asking GOD for a little help. I sure need it...That's for sure."

She slammed the car door, went in and got her veggie penne out of the fridge(did I mention, that a vegetarian option MUST be offered at every meal)..ignored the dishes in the sink (her one and only domestic job)...and raged off to her room..screaming about how she CANT WAIT TO LEAVE THIS HOUSE....

and scene.

I think I deserve some type of award for my day as a mom....The title is obvious to me this morning.. The "Most Loathed Mom" in Parker, CO .... Envelope please....And the winner is......
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You get my award for the most patient mom in existence. The good news is that they'll both get over their snits, the bad news is that you probably won't get an apology from either one of them. Teenage girls do attitude so well. BTW, the texting thing would have been a car stopper for me.

4/6/07, 10:01 AM  

I'll gladly share the honor with you, supermom! At least when my son doesn't speak to me, I can turn on The Wiggles and all is forgiven.

My kids are 3 and 1, so who knows what they'll be into in 12 years. By then, your kids will be apologizing for all of the grief they put you through. Glad you still have your sense of humor!

4/6/07, 10:26 AM  

I like to think that I'm merely providing material for their future therapy sessions--don't want them to be a waste of time and money. If this is what your kids are mad at you about, I think you've got it pretty good! We moms can't win for losing.

4/6/07, 10:31 AM  

Hang in there! Our kids are in their twenties, and they are still speaking to us, mostly. In fact if they hated us more, maybe they'd leave home :)
I'm not sure about that pledge of allegiance thing. I heard of a New Zealander, in the US temporarily, who got in huge trouble at school for refusing to say it. It was on the grounds, quite rightly in my opinion, that she couldn't pledge allegiance to the US since she was a New Zealand citizen. That was a while back, beflore 9/11 etc

4/6/07, 5:02 PM  

Rebelling against mom is a rite of passage for teenage girls. Your daughter sounds intelligent and independent and that means you're doing a DAMN GOOD JOB!! Taking that role of "most hated mother" is sometimes for the best, in the long run...hang in there.

4/7/07, 8:05 AM  

Wow. I'm glad I had all boys, for all I thought I wanted a girl....you do deserve an award, the DAMN GOOD JOB AWARD! Three cheers for dear Wendy!

Girls are better I guess, when you're eighty-five and need your toenails cut. Just think of having to rely on daughters-in-law....

4/9/07, 12:22 PM  

You are the Grim Reaper of Emo Teens. These years are just around the bend for me--which is why I'm cherishing what we've got going now.

4/10/07, 4:43 AM  

Oh, sweetie, I'm reading this late, but been there, done that! It's a phase, truly and they will emerge from it to embrace you, thank you for being the world's best mom and tell you they love you. Truly. I promise! xo

4/13/07, 8:48 AM  

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