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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bambi Bambi everywhere..

If you have read this blog for very long, you know I have kinda a history with deer...But this short entry is not that kindof entry. There are no babies yet..but lots of pregnant does. And 3 amazing bucks..I betcha 8 pointers(learned this from some of my true country neighbors)..that I see each morning and afternoon these days.

After months of sparse foraging, (the bushes were lost in at least 2 feet of snow for months)little green haze is spreading on the ground, like puzzle pcs working on solving its way to the center. One day it's brown and winter..the next, spring is starting to claim victories. No blooms yet..but soon. So for now the deer are in a thanksgiving prayer session, praising God with their noses to the ground, jaws moving like metronomes! Let the buffet begin! LIFE IS GOOD.

Deer are one of the little everyday pleasures of living in Colorado. A simple gift to see the majesty of these bucks.

Babies will be here soon, all spotted and wobbly.

I do not get hunters. Every time I see a fawn, or doe or buck I pause. A little moment of magic and beauty and grace. Why would you want to kill that?? To make jerky??

And I don't care if they eat my bushes(which they have) or eat my Halloween hand grown pumpkins (yep, those too.) I am blessed by them everyday. If a little foliage is the price I must pay..so be it..

If I had a cell phone I could click a pic..but I don't own one..I must try to remember my camera..

Spring is coming...I galloped Roux outside today. It felt so good. It's been a loooooog winter. But here in Colorado, we aren't in the clear for "no more snow" until memorial day. You think I jest..but oh no..It's been known to happen.

So while it's warm(70 degrees today!!!hehehe giddy giggles)...I'll be riding into the sunset!

Don't worry though, I'll always be back by dinner.
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I used to live in a valley filled with wine grapes, which the deer loved to eat. They left the roses alone, but stripped all the leaves off the vines. Other than that, they were wonderful to watch.

The weather must be especially wonderful after all the snow. Enjoy every second of it.

3/13/07, 11:10 PM  

deers do have a magical quality. it always feels like such a special treat to spot one grazing in a field. yes, you must try to remember the camera...

3/14/07, 10:47 AM  

I was in Colorado on August 27th one year and saw snowflakes fall!

3/15/07, 3:04 PM  

Wendy, I love reading about the deer. Always, when I drive, I am both watching the road and also looking side to side out the corner of my eye to catch a glimpse of deer in open fields or wherever they may be.

When I see them I am as excited at my old age as I was when I was a kid - one of my totem creatures to be sure. A fella named Richard Nelson has a great book (from kind of a biologist point of view) on our lives with deer. Blood of the Heart it might be called. Maybe you know of it.

3/16/07, 4:09 PM  

The deer used to raid our bird feeders in Virginia...

3/17/07, 2:12 AM  

they are just as you said, deer to see them you pause and sigh I know the feeling living in the woods..I really can't stand hunters...sorry had to say it:) love to read here and will be back!

3/28/07, 6:35 PM  

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