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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Expect No Sense

My trainer's pregnant mare, is aborting her foal. She's nine months along. Horses carry their foals around 320-340 days. She's at 270 days. It doesn't look like it's goning to happen. So sad and so sudden.

Foals are one of the many great things about spring. They are all wobbly and bleating. They call for their moms and travel sideways at high speeds. Little clowns in fur costumes. Foal's are beginnings.

People say odd things. The owner of my barn, said to me, upon hearing..."Well., Mares know. They just know if somethings not right...and they abort. Not stupid like humans, who mostly carry the whole term, and give birth to problems." Nice. Really nice. But I am always surprised by this opinion. That only life of a certain quality has relevance.

I don't know what I would do if I had been told a child of mine would have a disability...No, actually that's a lie..to sound sensitive to all opinions. The truth is I do know what I would do. I would have the baby. Definitely. It's like preaching to the choir with me, I guess.

But I try very hard not to judge others views on that. I am always startled by this philosophy of problem children. I'm just not cut of that cloth.

It's a spectrum issue really. What "problems" are doable?..which are a death sentence? I was born in 1964. For some, including my Dad, "not perfect" WAAAY back then, was a deal breaker. Perfectly viable, useful, and adequate was not sufficient. How far have we strayed from this paradigm? I'm sure we have come a distance....at least I hope we have.

Which brings me to The Secret I watched a free copy on you tube..thanks to one of Neil's friends. Thanks Neil. I can't help it. This is DANGEROUS stuff. Why? Because just enough of it is true. I do believe we are all energy. We all do have to mind our "P's and Q's" when it comes to directing our energy to the higher good. How many times have I spoke of karma, fate and all this stuff. Generally, I believe this. They are singing my tune.

However when they say that anyone who has disease, somehow has not mastered the thought to cure it...I say POPPYCOCK! To be fair, they don't come out and say that. They just feature a woman who cured breast cancer with funny movies and healing thoughts. They also feature a man, who should be a quadrapelegic..but walked again. To these people I say HOOORAAYY! I am so happy that they were gifted with miraculous outcomes. I know several paraplegics, who are some of the most "on the bus" people I know, postive, nuturing courageous and bold. But their spines are still broken. It is what it is. Many good people go down fighting. Many good people die, fighting the good fight. Willing yourself well should not be yet another thing we heap on to cancer patients, and the terminally ill. This is sadistic.

And as for people, me for example, who were born with something we had nothing to do with...what does the secret make of us?? Are we a punishment for our parents lack of positive thought... Doesn't take to long before you look at the disabled as "less than" or as in some cultures..(yes even in today's world) as evil. If good thinking brings health...It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that illness comes from somewhere.

I do believe that you must do the best with what you have been blessed with. I do not pretend to understand the grand plan. But I try to think of my life, good and bad, as a gift. A mixed bag of experience. My job is to do the most I can.

This explains the quote I have on my kitchen wall. I see every morning, and try to live it every day.

"Happiness is the art of making a bouquet of those flowers within reach"

Look and see what's there in front of your nose...No need to create abundance. It has been here all the time.

and it's free. Totally, perfectly free.
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Great post. So true.

In Virginia I had a quote from Mother Teresa by my kitchen sink:

We can do not great things, only small things with great love.

2/28/07, 5:54 AM  

I agree about The Secret - it's a general or abstract idea they've tried to make concrete, and it just doesn't quite work for me. The truth is, we are all going to die of something, and we all will suffer at some point or another, and I don't think you can chalk that up to some flaw in our thinking. It's a part of life and shouldn't be denied, or blamed on the victim!

2/28/07, 3:32 PM  

Wise, wise words, Wendy. Fabulous quote on your kitchen wall.

3/1/07, 1:02 PM  

That part pissed me off in The Secret too- We know that hope plays a role in recovery from illnesses, but seriously, that movie took it too far. If I had breast cancer and I watched that, I'd be very annoyed. Also, it I thought the whole movie was condescending. Repetitive, and condescending. I thought it was absurd that it kept assuming that the things that people desired most were a new car and money. How shallow.

3/2/07, 1:09 PM  

happiness should be enjoying the flowers in their natural state...
not killing them for a temporary display...imo :)

but then as humans we just can't leave things alone...we have to touch.

3/4/07, 1:39 AM  

Fine talk comming from a furier. Least I don't make pantie liners from the petals..or some such..imo.:)

3/4/07, 10:46 AM  

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