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Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's New at Poetry Thursday

The girls have moved uptown, to a new site in the sky. Such grand new surroundings have me feeling a bit intimidated. The old poetry thursday felt like a cup of coffee at a friends house. This new one feels like high heels and a martini glass. I can't hold my liquor well.....and as mentioned before, I trip a lot..even in flats.

Then, there's this weeks totally optional theme. Changes. Another BIG ONE. Not my fav. The big ideas get lost and garbled between my ears. Giants have always scared me.

But this is a launching party, so I must hit this new flag ship with something. Make my offering to the Helicon goddesses. I have this funny feeling though, that I will be like the lady who can not break the bottle on the bow. But not for want of trying.
So all Hail the new PT. Long may she sail.


I thought
it would

appear with
a little
show some
make an

like a storm
on the horizon.

I expected a bang
or a thump or
a trumpet
in the distance
the clashing
of cymbals
a final curtain

instead I met
your eyes
strangely quiet
lacking hunger
sadly tired.

I knew
we were done,
holding hands.
love had changed
just like that.

in the still
small space

wlf 9:29 am

For More Go here.....Don't be scared..the more things change the more they stay the same.


posted by wendy at 9:03 AM


i so

great job...
and i especially loved
your introduction...

2/8/07, 11:05 AM  

It's never like what we think or want...
These changes- sneaky sometimes.
A very well thought out poem- and so heartfelt...

2/8/07, 11:08 AM  

Oh, I really felt that - so sad. You are so good at shaping thoughts into words.

I have to agree about the new PT site - lovely but intimidating! It feels like we all have to dress up now! I almost feel like I will have to work harder to write better poetry - ah well, motivation is always good.

2/8/07, 11:21 AM  

I really like the slim form of this...it really helps to capture the essence of the poem. And I especially liked the stanza with the thunder and clashing cymbals.

2/8/07, 12:12 PM  

I don't cry very often!

2/8/07, 12:33 PM  

So gentle and beautiful - thank you for posting and sharing it with me!

2/8/07, 12:36 PM  

this is awesome wendy! awesome!!

2/8/07, 3:59 PM  

"your eyes / strangely quiet / lacking hunger /sadly tired"

Are you kidding me? This stuff is beautiful. When I read your introduction/disclaimer that you aren't up to the big ideas, I toned down my expectations, let down my guard. Then, you hit me with a stanza like that one? That's not fair. That's just mean. Now I want to go hide most of my stuff under a mattress and not come out until everyone has forgotten how well you write.

This is very good. This is very good.

(Oh, and if you're going to be wearing high heels around Poetry Thursday, I'm going to look pretty damn schlumpy in my pajamas.)

2/8/07, 6:29 PM  

So sad...sort of like TS Eliot wrote, "not with a bang/ but a whimper."

A really good poem, m'dear!

2/8/07, 7:30 PM  

You know, this got me in the soft spots.

You've captured a feeling so aptly, without the pretense. It's just there. Bam! Right in the face.

I love it.

"I knew/we were done, holding hands. love had changed/just like that."

this sentence shall haunt me for quite some time, because "just like that" love does change without answers, only questions.

2/8/07, 11:32 PM  

Like a balloon that doesn't pop but withers with a slow leak...

2/9/07, 1:24 AM  

The slow drift of my eyes down the slim lines just emphasized your heartbreaking point.

Everyone is right - this is very good Wendy. Give yourself more credit!

2/9/07, 2:22 PM  

An all too familiar story - and your poem rocks! Well done, you!

2/9/07, 3:45 PM  

Simply rocking! And I agree with the thought.



2/9/07, 10:24 PM  

The simplicity in this poem, makes it all the more powerful and heartbreaking.

2/10/07, 3:17 AM  

Ditto everything above, especially bgfay's comments (well said!) For me, on top of everything, I love how the last paragraph diminishes, it's shape shrinking - love setting like a sunset. Fantastic!!!

2/10/07, 6:21 AM  

How appropriate that the poem ends with "I." Alone on a line, all by itself. I also liked "your eyes...lacking hunger" which is a perfect description of the light having gone out of them. Very nice poem.

2/11/07, 3:53 PM  

You captured the end of love so well. I hate that moment, and we all know when it arrives, just like that. That is my favorite kind of poem, the one that gives a voice to the things in our lives that we just silently acknowledge.

2/23/07, 8:29 PM  

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