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Monday, January 15, 2007

Cover Me for Poetry Thursday

I had written another poem quickly today...and then hit the wrong button and POOF it was gone!!!URRRRRRRGGGGHH... So heres an even quicker cover to Canadian Geeks line

and you call me destructive..

Where do you send
my thoughts you
erase, when my
fingers trace
the line,
but hit the
wrong button?

I am clumsy,
but harmless.

That's more than
I can say for you.

You delete
my pain
with a brush
a mis-stroke.

It was a bad poem,
filled with
pity and self hatred.
not affirming
at all.

Still it was mine.
and my fingers
took it away.

or was it you
inside this machine?
Are you the coward
that stole my strife,
by lying and blaming me?

and you call me destructive.

wlf 8:54

More at PT

Thanks to Geek Inc for the line....and the totally un expected(bad )poem that resulted.

Below find the poem based on the line I submitted. I wrote the line first, then the poem. Quite an interesting exercise.

Line: If digging in my purse, don't you dare judge

No Trespassing

If you dig in my purse
don't you dare judge

the remnants
of my functions
my life wadded,
and stuck to
chewed gum in wrappers.
Or wrinkled tissues
holding faint kisses
from failed attempts
at glamour.

you could try
to trace my trend
of wishes, like
elk trails in
a forest,
by lining
up small paper
proofs of
spanning long
into delusion.
You say surely
I have found what
I was looking for.

But you are wrong.
For though it all
seemed strong enough
to build a bridge
spanning to desire,
the stuff was weak.
I fell straight through,
somehow voiding
any warranties.

(My dreams
are too heavy
for bargains
to bear.)

Wet breathless
with regret,
I gather floating pieces
of flimsy broken promises
forming a moist ball
of debt as I wade.
I stuff this down deep,
past the keys
and the lip balm
to a dark corner
in the back,
where only my
fingers can find it.



posted by wendy at 9:54 AM


These are both really wonderful poems. nice work!

1/18/07, 1:59 PM  

I really like the long journey in your second poem, with the language and its turns mirror all those folds and secret compartments in a really good purse. The closing is tremendous!

1/18/07, 4:35 PM  

Both poems are super -- I miss reading the first edition. Don't you hate it when that happens?!

1/18/07, 4:57 PM  

You took lemons and turned them into lemonade - and maybe someday your fingers will re-conjur that original poem!

1/18/07, 4:59 PM  

I think you did a great job recovering from the loss of your original! I hate when that happens but someitmes I think what we come up with in our frustration may be so much better...

1/18/07, 8:01 PM  

These are both so good.

1/18/07, 10:08 PM  

i love what you did with
both of these...
i like the line
"i am clumsy,
but harmless"


1/19/07, 6:11 AM  

Great poems, Wendy - both the impromptu and the one to which you gave more thought.

1/19/07, 11:31 AM  

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