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Monday, April 16, 2007

Ask Me No Question, I'll Tell You No Lie

So here's the deal. Karl,one of my fav's, participated in the below meme. He gets to ask the questions. I answer. If you want to play along...I can ask you things too....but first... I will get to my own unique questions..made just for me by Karl.

1. Do you monitor your children's' Internet activity and cell phone use?

I just bought Maggie and Rach new phones. Past the minutes they use...It's none of my business. I let them have their space. I have snooped on occasion, rare, by reading a note left on a planner..or reading an arm...Yeah girls write on each other occasionally..Go figure.

I have never listened in on a phone call...or read a diary. I have walked in on Rach at 1AM..after waking to her IM sound..and gone ballistic.

I do worry about them, but I'm here to provide support..and pick up the pieces when they make mistakes. I'm not sure it's the right approach,but it's the one I'm using. That said, they have not given me anything to feel anxious about yet. If they do...my strategies may change.

2. Why do you harbor feelings of anger toward your mother?

I was a sick kid. My dad took off early. I think the first time he left,I was 2 or 3. I was very close to my mom. Probably too close. When my dad went, she was heartbroken. I guess I became her cause. She was gonna fix me.

Flash forward a bit, mom became a raging alcoholic. I was about as "fixed" as I was gonna get. I then became the cause ..of her decent into misery, and all her problems.. My mom shared that my dad left, because of me...and she couldn't "do" her boyfriend neurosurgeon all over the house because of me..and oh yeah..my step father. She married him to give us a father figure...but she never loved him...

I could keep going, but there is bile in my throat, and I don't much like the taste.

She has never gone into recovery. Ask her, even today, and she will tell you she does not have a problem. Period.

3. Are there any songs that bring tears to your eyes?

Oddly enough, songs that remind me of my mom..Mother and Child Reunion, I Can See Clearly Now.(Bright Sun Shiny Day) So Far Away, or anything sad from Tapestry by Carol King, and Over the Rainbow with the right singer...and Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

4. What really turns you on and gets you "in the mood?"

Uncomfortable pause. Much thinking....X rated and PG rated...No really. This is a very complicated question. I feel sexy when I feel beautiful. I like seeing my husband's "need" for me after all these years. I like how we know each other bodies and tempos. I also love to laugh during and before and after sex...I'm definitely an afternoon delight girl. Next question....

5. How committed are you to blogging on a regular basis?

Now for this one I feel Karl has become Jiminy Cricket. But he has a point. I slack off sometimes.

All in all, I feel pretty committed to my blog. Mostly to Poetry Thursday..but I have grown very fond of my friends here.

I just don't write on days I feel depressed or whiny. In that way, I guess I edit myself. I'm not sure that bodes well for total honesty. But on bad days, I hardly get my psychical self going, let alone my creative self in gear. I've battled depression off and on my whole life. When it hits badly, breathing is an effort.

Well, on such an uplifting answer, I'll be done!

That was fun....Now if you want to join in just let me know in the comments...and I would be happy to interview you. We'll work out the logistic's when I see who wants to play.

Thanks again to Karl..He's a swell guy..and he single.....


1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions
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Wow guys..cant belive how POPuLAR this post was...You couldn't be scared of lil old me asking you some innocent question....Could You?

4/16/07, 7:33 PM  

I answered -- but my comments thingy didn't work. Now it seems to be working. It kept giving me lots of excuses why it wasn't working, that ended with :If you push this button your entire hard drive and everything in it will be destroyed. (I'm paraphrasing here understand)

Anyway. Okay. Interview me. (I think).

4/16/07, 9:37 PM  

Oh, and it kept sayng my password was wrong! Sheesh.

4/16/07, 9:38 PM  

1. Compare and contrast women now and women then.

2. I'd like to know a bit about your faith...

3. You said you travelled a bit...(from Home) as a young woman...How did your parent's and peers feel about that?

4. Did your son's marry women like you...or not like you?

5. What food soothes you?

Bonus question...Do you kiss your dog? How bout Baby talk??

Add the instructions from my page and have fun..

Thanks for playing!

4/17/07, 9:47 PM  

Fascinating reading, Wendy. Despite all the challenges with your mom, it's obvious you're a loving mom to your own daughters. I'll play, if you like. "Interview me?" she asks politely (which is funny, since I'm typically the one conducting interviews, for my work). xo

4/19/07, 9:37 AM  

Just went and read Pepek's post after reading this one. What a great meme! I like the way it's flexible, adapting to each person instead of everyone having to answer the same questions.

4/19/07, 10:12 AM  

Wow, this was really good. I don't dare ask for any more interview questions, but I'm glad you asked me for some.

4/20/07, 7:51 PM  

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