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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Look It's Snowing..It Must Be Easter!

Well, we had a white Easter...and a sunny late afternoon. Ahh, Spring in Colorado.

This holiday is quiet for me. I watch the History channel...and study Jesus again. My husband marvels how I can be transfixed by the same specials..The same old religious tales..The same dreamy blue eyed Jesus. But I am. Always. It's the season of the passion. This is why I love it. The passion it stirs in me. For the possibility of such a fine man, such a fine God, such a fine belief.

No church, or doctrine or political agenda. Just a man teaching love. and forgiveness. and telling Satan to get behind him and go to hell. Just a man on a mission, living fearlessly.

So today, Jesus is my hero..He so rocks! snowflakes..or not!

Happy Easter!

Mags Michael and Rachel

A truce is called in honor of Easter

I told Michael.."No picture..no Dinner...now just hold still"
posted by wendy at 11:24 PM


I know just what you mean! "The Ten Commandments" is always on TV around this time, and I always make everyone watch it. I don't know why I like it so much, but I do!

Happy Easter!

4/9/07, 7:46 AM  

Great words, great pictures! Glad your Easter was quiet and good. As it should be. It's my favorite time of the year....

4/9/07, 12:09 PM  

PS Is the truce holding?

4/9/07, 12:24 PM  

It snowed here too - in fact for five days straight now! Who knew Ontario had so much in common with Colorado?

4/9/07, 2:19 PM  

it snowed here too! what's up with that?

4/9/07, 3:24 PM  

Lovely post, Wendy. Your whole family is beautiful and photogenic! xo

4/13/07, 8:46 AM  

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