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Thursday, May 03, 2007

As You Like It...For Poetry Thursday

The blog world is a strange place. When I came here, almost a year ago,I thought I would be writing to myself, my muse, and the air. I certainly thought I would be the only one listening. It would be like confessing in a cave. My thoughts and dreams and fears and desires bouncing off dark walls that define the boundaries of my life. Unseen by me, I know they are there,returning my thoughts, echoed back to my own ears, so I can hear them out loud. Perhaps, gain some perspective.

I hadn't thought of other caves. I hadn't thought of other explorers, shouting into their own dark voids. Until I heard the echos of other voices, not my own. I've always been a cheeky curious gal..so I sorta started ease dropping. Then I sort of started talking to the voices. Finally I my eyes adjusted..and I could make out the faces of all of you, sitting with me in the dark.

At first, I thought this meant that I could not confess anymore. I am not as brave as others. When I saw you out there, I really just wanted to check my makeup, straighten my hair, and make a good impression.

But then I noticed that I still heard the same voices, confessing the same fears and hopes and worries, whether I was listening or not. I realized I had found a brave new world. So I continued on, trying to be honest. Sometimes I have to close my eyes, and try to forget anyone else is here with me. I came here for a reason..I had better get on with it.

Something else happened too, along the way. I started wanting to reach out and hold a hand of someone who was struggling. I wanted them to know I was there. They were not alone. In the middle of my crazy rants...I was still listening. I had started to care.

I now, will always care. About strangers. About people I have never met. About people who have taught me once and for all...That we are all in this together.

Today's prompt...was a free day. Address what needs to be addressed.

So this one is for all of you...


There is a thin fiber.
So thin I can not feel it
(like an eyelash on my cheek)

that trembles when you cry
or when you worry in the night.
When you toss

I turn, with restlessness
I can not explain.
They say 21 grams

is the weight of a soul.
And when we die
we are left heavy bones, yet

lighter by more than mere air.
How stupid, they measure
this only in passing.

For many times, I am sure
during my waking and living,
those 21 grams were gone from me.

Off to be carried by some other.
I was too weak to carry my own.
So, burdened their loads with

just a bit more.
but now I have a strong
back. I offer my shoulder

my spine and my sinew.
I will tuck your problems
in with mine, I will carry

you with me.
Up and over the hill
just beyond this point.

I will carry you to the crest.
For together, we all must
face what lies beyond.

wlf 8:46

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posted by wendy at 8:10 AM


Oh, this is lovely. I also feel surprised by the connections I've made here, the friendships formed. And I worry too, for people I haven't met but know somehow all the same.

5/3/07, 9:39 AM  

Beautiful reflection on connections and exploration...thank you for sharing it.

5/3/07, 9:45 AM  

This is a lovely poem, and yes I have also been struck by connections.

5/3/07, 9:59 AM  

I sit here blubbering and nodding my head at your words. This is how I felt when I started and now I feel apart of the world again.

Beautiful poem...thank you! XXOO

5/3/07, 10:05 AM  

I think that this is the most amazing thing of all, and your poem has brought light into our cave. To find other woman, and men, who share similar life experiences is very gratifying. Thanks for your comments and welcoming into your cave. :)



5/3/07, 10:17 AM  

Very beautiful and moving poem, Wendy. Bravo! And thank you. I will finally be posting that interview - it's ready to go and will appear tomorrow. xo

5/3/07, 10:29 AM  

Wendy, I love this idea of ephemeral soul-burden sharing. "I will tuck your problems/in with mine" is lovely and comforting.

5/3/07, 12:28 PM  

Mm, that middle bit - 21 grams, how it's measured only in passing... Odd to imagine that one could ever measure a soul. Very heartfelt poem.

5/3/07, 12:30 PM  

It's amazing how we can so touched by people we may never ever meet personally in our lifetimes... yes, the tether is so thin but definitely strong...
Just a lovely poem for all of us today...

5/3/07, 1:33 PM  

From another corner of the cave; well done! It's a magical moment when we really realize that we, "strangers" aren't all that different.

5/3/07, 1:35 PM  

This poem is what writing is all about. Your writing before totally and perfectly explains what the internet and blogging is all about. Connecting with others that you might not ever see or meet or speak to with an audible voice, but nonetheless you care about. Thinking about you fixing your makeup for other people made me laugh a bit. This is fantastic and the best poem I believe I have read from your site.

5/3/07, 2:36 PM  

This is a beautiful poem. I love the form, and the eyelash on the cheek image is just perfect.

The blogosphere is an amazing place. It makes sense that we care so much about people that we've never met because we all believe in community. Sometimes I feel this is the only safe place I can go.

5/3/07, 6:34 PM  

What incredible words you share here.
I too have been feeling this whole world really calling out to me as people begin to respond to MY words.
I have making incredible connections when in fact the only reason I started a blog was to pretend that people would read what I wrote.
Thanks for being in the blog world.

5/3/07, 8:47 PM  

Wendy - We are all voyagers on the same journey.

If we would all look up, truly look up, from the self-importance that consumes and distracts us in life -- we would recognize we are the same.

But we are afraid to look up because we have lost our sense of wonder.

Really liked your piece!

--and so it goes--

5/4/07, 1:16 AM  

Ditto Sputnik. I love the image of tucking another's problems in next to our own and carrying them for a while.

My husband and I have been talking a lot about family connections as we plan our trip home to Virginia this summer. What comes out of this discussion over and over is how much stronger our ties are with friends than with families. Sometimes it makes me a little sad, but mostly I'm thankful for the people in my life and all the places they come from and all the ways we connect and care.

5/4/07, 6:20 AM  

This is the first time, I copied a blogger's poem and saved it on my desktop in a word document.

5/4/07, 11:45 AM  

Such a Whitman-like generosity, Wendy, willing to give your shoulder, to help us, too, carry our own impossibly heavy 21 grams.

And yes, too, it's good to love all those lovely people out there in the dark . . .

5/4/07, 8:53 PM  

Sometimes those 21 g become to heavy to carry. Beautiful poem. We need more such poems.

5/4/07, 11:57 PM  

I love every word - every true word. I couldn't have put it better myself ... Thank you Wendy!

5/6/07, 2:23 AM  

Wendy, my friend. Thank you.

5/8/07, 9:37 PM  

This poem really captured the sense of community and strength that can come from a shared journey. Beautiful!

5/24/07, 2:58 PM  

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