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Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Big One

It's been one year of blogging..

To repeat my high school quote..

"What a long, strange trip it's been."

Thanks for tagging along for the ride!
posted by wendy at 6:38 PM


Happy blogiversary!

5/5/07, 10:33 PM  

Congratulations and just so's you know - my world / cave is richer for having you in it! :)

5/6/07, 2:24 AM  

Mazel tov! Looking forward to year two.

5/7/07, 7:45 PM  

Ditto to all the above! My world is also richer for having met you (and this dark cave gets lighter all the time)!

5/8/07, 9:47 PM  

Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope to be able to keep this as a regular stopping-by spot for a long time to come.

5/10/07, 11:26 AM  

1 year! Happy Blogiversary to you!!!

5/10/07, 12:50 PM  

...r u still here? ....

5/17/07, 11:12 AM  

I am late to the party, Wendy, but congratulations! And here's to your next year of blogging. It's a pleasure reading your words. xo

5/18/07, 2:01 PM  

Wendy, glad you are back--I missed you!

5/19/07, 9:13 AM  

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