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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Signs of Age

The Sunday Scribbling prompt this week was SPICY.

And as odd as it seems, my mind leaps to how old I am getting. It used to be my girl's whined about things being too hot. Now, it seems, it's my turn. Chicken wings, salsa, wasabi....all have to be taken down a notch. Are stewed prunes next??? Lord I hope not.

My father in law calls spicy food SEXY. I've always thought this was very cute. He's such a prim and proper man. It's really unexpected when he says.."Eh, that egg casserole is sorta sexy..huh?" And if he can stand a little heat in his mouth...well I should be able to as well, right??

He, alas, so over salts his food...it is highly possible that he tastes nothing. So I may have to rethink this line of logic.

Tomorrow I will write about the Police Concert in Denver.....Now that was HOT!

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Can't wait for your review of the Police concert. I have tickets in November so I'm psyched, but it's such a long ways away.

6/11/07, 9:57 AM  

Hey, just roll with your body because you can still be sexy and mild spicy. lol No stewed prunes for you girl!

I have another blogger that just saw them and really enjoyed it.

Have fun!

6/11/07, 10:37 AM  

NO!! Say no to stewed prunes!!

6/11/07, 7:55 PM  

As fun as ever to catch up on your latest posts.
You have had some surprises I see - and your writing about them and just your general life, is as hot and spicy as ever! Keep us wanting more my friend! Good luck with your poetry workshop - knock their socks off.

6/12/07, 1:38 AM  

What's wrong with stewed prunes...?

6/12/07, 1:26 PM  

i have to giggle about the thought of egg casserole being sexy...that is too cute...

6/14/07, 1:31 PM  

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