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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Guess What? I'm Late!

Typing this, I realized that this used to mean something totally different and much more ominous. But today I'm just late for work. In all other aspects, I am right on time. Although Michael did mention that he may like to "try for a boy" over the weekend. After picking myself up off the floor, I mentioned that he is home less than 48 hours a week...Men are just odd.

Only have time for a quick Kansas observation. Men in Kansas, who wear John Deer hats, actually have John Deer's. They wear them squarely on their heads, tilted up a bit so you can see their eyes, which are usually blue. Under the hats, are sun worn faces and greying short hair. I saw several of them touch the brim of their caps as they said Good Morning. And for once when they said Ma'am, I did not feel like slapping that terse young look off their faces. Instead, I studied their dying breed, dwindling in numbers daily, and wished I had just once, been with an older man.
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What a coincidence! I am with an older man NOW! (Let me tell you...they have heart problems, prostrate problems, high blood pressure, memory issues....)

5/23/07, 10:39 AM  

BTW, I am waiting anxiously for more of your observations....

5/23/07, 10:42 AM  

So true about the John Deere...it seems to be that way in VT too.

I dated a man 28 years my senior prior to meeting my husband and it was a completely valuable experience!

5/27/07, 12:45 PM  

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