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Friday, June 08, 2007


Maggie often forgets to give me phone messages. Sometimes her messages are a bit convoluted...like this one

"Dr Mc Lee's office...autopsy fine." Huh??? Translation ..our family doc called to say that Michael's skin biopsy was fine... Big difference, but to a 14 year old, just a small detail.

So when she off handily mentioned that some "David" guy had called for me..I didn't blink, until she mentioned the last name. Then I asked her to repeat herself. She did and handed me a number...

...the number of my first serious high school boyfriend. I may have mentioned my numerous attempts at making him insanely jealous, after we had "broken up". My sad small fruitless attempts. Still we had remained friends for years after high school. I last saw him at the wedding of a mutual friend, very shortly after Rachel's birth. So shortly after, in fact, I remember him oogling my post pregnancy boobs. Only an old friend can look straight at your chest..and say.."You never had THOSE before!" At this event, I met, and barely remember, the woman who was to become his wife. She wasn't so friendly. I can't imagine why.

Flash forward...to Maggie...handing me a number. She said he had asked her, if she was Rachel...Of course he did. He didn't even know she existed.

The next day I spoke to him for about an hour.

The whole conversation started very simply...
"David?" I asked when he answered...
and he returned, as if I had seen him only yesterday, "Well, hello darlin!"

There was no flirting, just two old friends drawing the vaguest outlines of our lives for the last 16 years. Much laughter. Much easiness. I never asked him why he called. I kinda already knew.

Our children are very close to the age we were when we met. You tend to look for benchmarks. Then you think of your own benchmarks..and wonder where time has gone.

We promised to stay in touch this time, and who knows if we will. I was very touched, still, that he thought enough of the memory I had become, to get in touch with me. He didn't e-mail...(as I have done).He took the much more brazen tact these days. He called. Knowing, I am sure, that I would return the call. We had a real teenage romance, and after that..a real friendship. We said we'd always be friends, and in a way, I guess we always will.

(PS The timing of this event written just after my previous post..does not escape me..Life is a wondrous thing!)

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I think I told you already, but a few months ago I heard from my first boyfriend. It had been 25 years!

6/11/07, 12:54 PM  

I don't think I told you, but I had a phone call once from one of minewhen my oldest boy was about 12. He answered the phone, and said "Mama, do you know someone named...?" It felt like someone had hit me between the eyes with an ax. I wrote a poem about it, called: Hello, he said. Do you remember me?

6/11/07, 11:55 PM  

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